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Towgood and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2012-061

A promo for Two and a Half Men screened at 2.10pm during Anderson, a chat show rated G (General), as part of a montage of promos for ‘Comedy Wednesday’; it contained sexual innuendo and the word “penis”. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the promo breached standards relating to good taste and decency, responsible programming, and children’s interests: the promo screened during a chat show targeted at adults and in an AO timeslot; the promo was light-hearted and intended to be humorous; the sexual content was sufficiently inexplicit, and the broadcaster adequately considered children’s interests.

Not Upheld: Good Taste and Decency, Responsible Programming, Children’s Interests

Harrison and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2008-065

Two and a Half Men promo. Language of characters. Good taste and decency, programme classification, children’s interests. Not upheld.