15 March 2019 Attacks

Christchurch – 15 March 2019


We are deeply saddened by the unprecedented tragic events in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 and our thoughts are with all those affected by it.

This page provides information to broadcasters, complainants and members of the public on issues which have been raised with us. 

The BSA team is available to respond to queries and can be contacted by email on info@bsa.govt.nz and phone on 0800 366 996


Where to complain

TV and Radio

If you are concerned about content on television or radio, you can provide feedback or make a formal complaint to the broadcaster. All major broadcasters have feedback forms and contact details on their websites.  

A formal complaint must identify a breach of broadcasting standards, which you can read about in the Broadcasting Standards Codebook or in Choosing a Standard. The broadcaster must respond to you within 20 working days. If you are dissatisfied with their response you can then refer the complaint to the BSA for investigation and review.

Privacy complaints can be made directly to us using our privacy complaint form: here.

Any concerns about scheduling of content, should be directed to the broadcaster.

Print and Online News Media

If you are concerned about news you have seen in print or online, please contact the Media Council on 0800 969 357 or info@mediacouncil.org.nz.

Social Media Content

If you are concerned about content in social media, you can report it to Netsafe. You can also use the ‘report’ buttons on social media websites. 

The footage

The 17 minute go pro footage of the shootings has been officially classified as objectionable. For any questions or concerns about the footage contact the Censorship Team at DIA: censorship@dia.govt.nz. Harmful content can be reported to DIA: here.

For more information you can read the releases issued by DIA and the Chief Censor:


Broadcasting Standards and Guidelines


The broadcasting standards guide broadcasters in their coverage of these events: Broadcasting Standards Codebook 

Guidance issued by the BSA in 2018 on use of third party content in broadcasting may also be useful to broadcasters: Guidance – Using Third Party Content


Supporting children and yourselves


If you are dealing with distress and need to talk to someone please free call or text 1737. This service is available to anyone. Further information is available here

Some useful resources on coping with trauma and supporting children who may be distressed are here:

Should you have any questions regarding broadcasting standards or the complaints process, please feel free to contact the BSA team.