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This page has information to help you access content on this site.

The purpose of our website is to help our users find the information they need, whether they are making a complaint, searching our decisions, accessing our research reports, or checking the broadcasting standards.  To achieve this our design focus has been to make this website:

  • accessible and easy to use
  • accurate
  • clear.

To make our content available to everyone, we aim to meet the following New Zealand Government standards:

Our website should work on all connection types and on most modern desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

We've included features to help you navigate without a mouse, including keyboard navigation and touch-friendly features for mobile.

PDFs (Portable Document Format)


Some documents may only be available in PDF format. These are mainly our research, publications and our decisions from before 1994. Most of our other downloadable PDFs are also available in HTML form.

Most computers and mobile devices will open PDFs automatically.

If you do not have a PDF reader, download the free Adobe Reader application.

If you require a specific document that is not accessible, contact us to request a printed copy of it.

If you experience any problems using our website, please contact us.