Publicity Notices Ngā Pānui Tūmatanui

Information about broadcasters' obligation to publicise the complaints process

Publicity Notices

As a broadcaster you are required to broadcast promos that publicise the procedure for making complaints (publicity notices). This ensures your audience knows they can make complaints about a programme if they think it has breached broadcasting standards. This is a legislative requirement from section 6(1)(ba) of the Broadcasting Act.

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Each publicity notice must be at least 15 seconds long.


We recommend including the following information:

  • the requirement that formal complaints be made:
    • in writing
    • within 20 working days of the broadcast being complained about
    • to the broadcaster (you) - except for privacy complaints and election programme complaints, which may be made directly to the BSA
  • your contact details so that people know where to send their complaints (include your postal address, email address and where to find your online complaint form if you have one)
  • the right to refer a complaint to the BSA if they are unhappy with the outcome of their complaint (or if it is a privacy or election programme complaint), eg: ‘If you are unhappy with the outcome you can refer your complaint to the BSA.’
  • where to go for more information about the complaints process – your website address, or the BSA’s website address.

You have flexibility and creativity in how you convey this information to your audience. We are available to assist in the preparation of notices so please contact us if further guidance is required.

Sample publicity notices - Various languages
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When to broadcast publicity notices

Publicity notices must be broadcast frequently enough so that each channel or station averages 1 notice per day for each day of broadcasting.

The times of day when publicity notices are broadcast has to be varied so that over the course of a year the publicity notices are broadcast across all programming times. This must include prime time and children’s programming times.  The publicity notice must be broadcast on each channel operated by the broadcaster.

The BSA is here to support you to fulfil your obligations and we are happy to provide advice on the schedule and wording of your publicity notices. If you are having difficulties meeting the requirements of the Act we can work with you to achieve compliance. 

Information for audiences

Occasionally, it will be important for complainants to contact broadcasters during the broadcast of a programme (eg to provide information that may assist the broadcaster to immediately address a potentially harmful issue).  For this reason, we recommend that, in addition to compliance with the above publicity notice requirements, broadcasters ensure they have clear contact details available for audiences to raise concerns while a programme is airing.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your publicity notices by phoning us on 0800 366 996 or emailing