Guidance for Broadcasters Hei Ārahi i Ngā Kaipāho

Guidance on using third party content, including social media content

Guidance for broadcasters

In addition to the Codebook, the BSA may provide guidance to help broadcasters meet their obligations. Recent guidance can be found below.

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Guidance: Reporting on terrorism, violent extremism and crisis events

In consultation with a working group of broadcasters, the BSA has prepared a guidance note to assist broadcasters when reporting on terrorism, violent extremism and crisis events.

The note follows the issue of decisions by the BSA in 2019 on broadcast coverage of the March 15 Mosque attacks. It recognises the important role that media play in reporting during such events and the balance to be achieved to avoid causing harm. The guidance highlights key considerations when reporting on terrorism and other extreme events. The guidance note and a short summary are available here:

2019 Resource for broadcasters following 15 March mosque attacks

Immediately following the March 2019 Mosque attacks, the BSA undertook research of publicly available local and international resources that provide guidance and principles for media reporting on terrorism and crisis events.

The research resource was provided to broadcasters to assist them in reporting on the Mosque attacks, pending trial and associated matters. This research report is available here:

Guidance Note: Use of social media content in broadcasting

Broadcaster representatives have prepared a guidance note for broadcasters on using third party content, including content sourced from social media platforms. This will assist broadcasters to think about the key questions to consider before using third party content in broadcasting, including:

  • whether the content is true
  • whether it is newsworthy
  • will it cause harm
  • whether any harm can be mitigated.

The guidance follows research commissioned by the BSA in 2017 into how New Zealanders feel about broadcasters using social media content in broadcasting.