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Hurley and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2019-043 (10 October 2019)

The Authority did not uphold a complaint that an item on Insight that investigated the history and current state of far-right, alt-right and nationalist ideologies breached broadcasting standards. The Authority found the broadcast was balanced as it contained a range of significant perspectives. The Authority also found people who hold these ideologies do not amount to an ‘organisation’ for the purposes of the fairness standard and therefore that the fairness standard does not apply.

Not Upheld: Balance, Fairness

Trident Systems Ltd and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2017-044 (27 October 2017)

An episode of the radio documentary series, Insight, titled ‘Will cameras end commercial fish dumping’, discussed the issue of whether the quota management system (QMS) was contributing to illegal fish dumping practices in the commercial fishing industry and whether camera monitoring could be used to improve this issue. The episode featured an interview with Dr Russel Norman, the Executive Director of Greenpeace NZ, who described a camera monitoring trial run by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and undertaken by Trident Systems (Trident) and an independent research company, Archipelago. Dr Norman said that, during the trial, Archipelago found ‘lots of illegal behaviour, dumping, killing of Hector’s dolphins’, while Trident ‘found nothing’. Dr Norman then suggested that MPI awarded a contract to Trident for filming of a commercial fishery because of these results. The Authority found that, by not giving Trident the opportunity to respond to this allegation, the item was unfair. However, the Authority found that Dr Norman’s statement was based on records of the trial and on the findings of an independent inquiry into MPI’s prosecution decisions, and so his summary of those findings was not misleading or inaccurate. In the context of an item about the QMS and commercial fish dumping, the Authority found that Dr Norman’s statement, which was limited to past monitoring trials, did not amount to discussion of a controversial issue of public importance which triggered the requirements of the balance standard.

Upheld: Fairness; Not Upheld: Accuracy, Balance. Orders: Section 13(1)(a) broadcast statement on air and online; Section 16(1) $2,000 legal costs to complainant

Gadgil and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2007-119

Sensing Murder: Insight. Commentary by psychics. Accuracy. Not upheld.

Corin and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2007-042

Insight. Climate change. Balance. Not upheld.

Robin Laing of The New Zealand Film and Television School and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2004-204

One News Insight: "Learning the Hard Way". Documentary. Upheld (fairness). Not upheld (balance,  accuracy). Order (broadcast of statement).

Powell and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2002-146

Insight. Item on issues facing foreign students in New Zealand included an allegation of rape by student in home-stay situation but no evidence presented to substantiate allegation. Not upheld (accuracy).

The Monarchist League of New Zealand Inc and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2002-147

Insight: edited highlights "Te Papa Debate". Edited highlights of a panel discussion on republicanism and the Treaty of Waitangi. Not upheld (balance, accuracy).

The Monarchist League of New Zealand Inc and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2002-090

Insight. Item on the monarchy versus republic debate. Not upheld (balance, fairness, accuracy).

Lawson and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2000-200

Insight. Item on Government housing policy looked at impact on low-income consumers. Not upheld (balance, accuracy).

One New Zealand Foundation Inc and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1995-002

Insight. Programme dealt with the negotiation process and the settlement of claims made under the Treaty of Waitang. Not upheld (balance).

Nairn and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-131

Insight. Programme discussed future of the Labour Party in view of its apparent low level of public support in the lead-up to by-election. Not upheld (balance).

Sorrell and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-105

Verbatim, Insight. Drama and current affairs documentary allegedly contained offensive language. Not upheld (good taste and decency, responsible programming (re children's interests and violence)).

Low and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-080

Insight. Allegedly offensive references to Queen Elizabeth. Not upheld (good taste and decency, accuracy).