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McNeill and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2011-002

Saturday Mornings with Kim Hill. Host interviewed former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Not upheld (fairness).

Hadfield and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2005-054

Nine to Noon, Today in Parliament, Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, Morning Report. Language used. Good taste and decency. Not upheld

Hooker and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2004-010

Face to Face with Kim Hill. Seabed and foreshore. Balance and fairness. Not upheld

Brooke and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2000-001

National Radio: Kim Hill. Editor of recently published first issue of "The Best Underground Press – Critical Review" interviewed by Kim Hill. Claimed interviewer was rude and antagonistic, treated her unfairly, did not give her an opportunity to advance her opinions, and there were some inaccuracies in the interviewer’s comments. Not upheld (balance, fairness, social responsibility).

Mayor of the Chatham Islands Council and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1999-083

Nine to Noon: Kim Hill interview. Project Manager of the Chatham Islands Millennium Project was interviewed and at the conclusion of the interview, he was asked to explain whether his previous conviction for fraud had been an impediment in this role. The Mayor of the Chatham Islands Council complained that the interviewer had acted unprofessionally in raising the issue. Not upheld (fairness, privacy).

Boyce and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1999-084

Kim Hill interview. Monica Lewinsky was interviewed just after 9.00am. Complaint about one of the interviewer’s questions and complaint that she had a history of asking her guests sexually explicit and intimate questions. Not upheld (good taste and decency, fairness).