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Jeune and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-160

One Network News commencing at 6pm broadcast a lengthy item on the findings of the Starr Report and  the possible impeachment proceedings against President Clinton of the United States. Complaint that it was highly offensive for explicit sexual material to be discussed during children’s normal viewing time. Not upheld (good taste and decency, programme classifications, children's interests).

O'Neil and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-146

One Network News. Item reported on Nursing Council's investigation into a midwife’s management of the delivery of a baby who subsequently died and six adverse findings. There was a further broadcast in which the broadcaster failed to acknowledge the error it had made in its earlier broadcast. Upheld (accuracy, fairness: action taken insufficient). Order ($500 costs to Crown).

McKay and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-137, 1998-138

One Network News and Tonight. Item reported that the Act Members of Parliament had been requested by TVNZ to provide particulars of their assets and business interests. Not upheld (fairness, balance).

Renwick and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-128

One Network News and Tonight. Item showed amateur video footage of four fishermen in rough seas in New South Wales after their boat had capsized; two of the men drowned in the incident. Complaint that the loss of the two men would not have been newsworthy had their deaths not been captured on "amcam", and the broadcast capitalised on the horror of the drowning and that was callous and unwarranted. Not upheld (violence).  The Authority noted that the newsworthiness of the footage (which wsa the essence of the complaint) was an editoral decision and so outside the Authority's jurisdiction.

James and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-123

One Network News. Item discussed new dietary supplement, aimed at men with prostate problems. Complainant argued that the promotion of the product amounted to an advertorial and was irresponsible as it did not alert viewers to its known toxic effects. Furthermore, he questioned the qualifications of the product’s promoter to make medicinal recommendations on a prime time news programme. Not upheld (accuracy).

Fletcher Homes Ltd and Residential Mortgages Ltd and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-124, 1998-125, 1998-126, 1998-127

One Network News. Item reported that the Housing Minister had ordered officials to investigate "serious allegations" that Fletcher Homes Ltd had deliberately duped and deceived customers. Not upheld (accuracy, law and order, balance).

Harang and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-107

One Network News. News item broadcast between 6.00 and 7.00pm reported on response to a promotion by a Melbourne record store where customers who were prepared to shop naked were rewarded with a free CD. Not upheld (good taste and decency, children's interests).

Department of Internal Affairs and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-109

One Network News. In the item a computer expert demonstrated how he had intercepted messages to drivers of the VIP transport fleet, thus revealing the potential for disclosure of travel arrangements for MPs. The Secretary for Internal Affairs complained that the broadcaster had breached regulations under the Radiocommunications Act by broadcasting the unlawfully intercepted messages, as well as falling short of the required standards of reliability and integrity in sourcing the story. Not upheld (law and order, balance).

Moir and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-110

One Network News. A number of violent incidents from previous "State of Origin" rugby league matches were shown in a preview to the sports news, and during the sports report itself, between 6.00–7.00pm. Complaint that TVNZ had glorified the incidents and had breached standards relating to the protection of children, truth and accuracy and violence. Not upheld (accuracy, children's interests, violence).

Judge and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-113

One Network News. The touring English rugby team was described as "the pitiful Poms" by a sports reporter. Not upheld (discrimination and denigration).

New Zealand Police Northern Region and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-094, 1998-095

One Network News and Tonight. Item reported on the trial of a man who had been charged with murder, and several counts of sexual violation. The item referred to evidence given that day by a witness who had been raped by the man ten years previously. The report was repeated unchanged during Tonight. Upheld (privacy). Orders ($3,000 compensation to woman, $500 costs to Crown).

Sheehan and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-096

One Network News. News item referred to some of the recommendations in the government’s review on firearms, reporting that members of the anti-gun lobby were dissatisfied with the government’s lack of progress in implementing the recommendations. Not upheld (accuracy: action taken sufficient; balance).

Sidani and Zarifeh, on behalf of the Wellington Palestine Group, and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-098

One Network News. Trailer advised that New Zealand’s Rugby Sevens team was at "Israel’s Wailing Wall". The item itself included a caption which identified the Wailing Wall as being in Jerusalem, and the script identified it as part of Israel. Not upheld: action taken sufficient (accuracy)

Curran and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-099, 1998-100, 1998-101, 1998-102

One Network News. Various news reports dealt with historic peace agreement in Ireland. Not upheld: majority (complaint relating to the use of the term "Republican" to describe John Hume). Not upheld (accuracy of editing).

Christian Heritage Party of New Zealand and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-085

One Network News. Item reported on results of a poll of voters one month before the Taranaki–King Country by-election. Complaint that the poll was misleading both in the way it was presented, and in the questions asked of voters. Not upheld (balance, accuracy).

Pullar and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-084

One Network News. Coverage of the Values in Education conference included an interview with a delegate who appeared to endorse the Prime Minister's views as articulated in her speech to the conference. TVNZ conceded that, as presented, the complainant appeared to take a neutral stance and therefore the extract which was broadcast did not fairly represent his views. It apologised and advised it had upheld the complaint that standards the accuracy and fairness standards had been breached. Not upheld: action taken sufficient (accuracy, fairness).

Gendall and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-073

One Network News. News item featured a psychic who had been involved in a private search for two missing Blenheim friends in the Marlborough Sounds expounding her theory on how they had died. Not upheld (good taste and decency, accuracy, causing distress).

Costello and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-056

One Network News. Complaint that TVNZ had failed to respond to a formal complaint that an item had been incorrect in using the term "peppercorn rentals" to describe the situation of farmers in Taranaki, and that the item was also unbalanced. Not upheld (accuracy, balance).

Thomas and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-058

One Network News. Item reported on the National Museum's display of a controversial art work showing a statue of the Virgin Mary in a condom. Not upheld (good taste and decency, discrimination and denigration).

Terry and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-050, 1998-051, 1998-052

One Network News. The ACT Party annual conference was the subject of items on One Network News and some items included a report on the increase in the world price of crude oil, and a discussion about the high price of groceries in Queenstown in view of the absence of a supermarket. Complaint that the items lacked balance and one lacked accuracy. Declined to determine (balance, accuracy).

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