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Diocese of Dunedin and 12 Others and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-125–1999-137

20/20: "Sex, Lies and Videotape". Item concerned matters surrounding the dismissal of the Director of Music at Dunedin Cathedral. Upheld (accuracy, fairness, balance, responsible programming, and privacy). Orders (broadcast approved statement; refrain from broadcasting advertising programmes between 6pm and 8.30pm on one day; $5,000 each to Canon Somers-Edgar and Mr Rothel for breaches of privacy; costs of $45,000 to the Diocese and Dean, of $17,500 to Canon Somers-Edgar, and $12,500 to Mr Rothel; costs to the Crown of $5,000 re their complaints, a total of $15,000).

Diocese of Dunedin, Kirkpatrick, Somers-Edgar, Rothel and Sim and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-033–040

20/20: "Sex, Lies and Videotape" and 3 News. Interim Decision. TV3 sought an assurance from the Authority that it would cease taking any further action on the complaints until either the complainants had advised that they did not intend to pursue remedies in defamation, or a decision had been made by the High Court. The Authority raised the matter with the four complainants and the Diocese, and was advised that none had commenced proceedings at that stage. They reserved their rights concerning any defamation proceedings. The Authority therefore intended to proceed with determining the complaints as planned, as it was not satisfied there was any reason to postpone the process. –