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Hurrell and SKY Network Television Ltd - 2016-094 (8 March 2017)

Promos for 60 Minutes, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Poldark and 11.22.63 were broadcast on Prime, during an unclassified All Blacks rugby match against Ireland. The Authority did not uphold a complaint alleging that it was inappropriate to broadcast promos for PGR and AO programmes during G-rated host programmes. The Authority noted that the All Blacks match was unclassified, meaning any promos needed to be classified either G or PGR to comply with broadcasting standards. While the promos featured or alluded to adult themes, the depiction of those themes was consistent with the G classification. The promos were unlikely to disturb or offend viewers, including any child viewers who were watching the rugby.

Not Upheld: Good Taste and Decency

NS and SKY Network Television Ltd - 2015-032

A story on 60 Minutes featured tragic driveway accidents involving children. Part of the story focused on the death of an 18-month-old boy, and the subsequent struggles of his mother. The mother also discussed her other son, S, and photos and footage were shown of him. The Authority upheld a complaint from S’s father that the programmes breached S’s privacy. S was identifiable by name and image, he was linked with details of his mother’s drug addiction and prostitution which constituted private facts and this disclosure was highly offensive. In the circumstances the broadcaster’s primary concern ought to have been the best interests of the child, regardless of any consent obtained. The Authority recognised the value and public interest in the story but this was outweighed by the need to protect the child.

Upheld: Privacy

Order: Section 13(1)(d) $1,500 compensation for breach of privacy

Chapple and SKY Network Television Ltd - 2013-039

An item on 60 Minutes, "The Two Dads Story", reported on a same-sex couple and their experience of parenthood through the use of an off-shore surrogate. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that this breached the controversial issues standard: the item did not amount to a discussion of a controversial issue of public importance as it focused on the couple's personal story, and so it did not require the presentation of alternative viewpoints.

Not Upheld: Controversial Issues

de Villiers and TVWorks Ltd - 2012-103

An item on 60 Minutes reported on a high profile immigration case involving a Chinese millionaire, disclosing his address and showing footage of his business assistant in the lobby of the apartment building where he lived. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that this breached the privacy standard: the address was not disclosed for the purposes of encouraging harassment and there was no evidence that harassment resulted from the disclosure; and the apartment building lobby was accessible to the public so neither the Chinese millionaire nor his business assistant had a reasonable expectation of privacy there.

Not Upheld: Privacy

Agostino and TVWorks Ltd - 2012-084

An item on TV3’s 60 Minutes told the story of a New Zealander who murdered his girlfriend in Sydney in 1987 and turned himself in to police 24 years later. It included very brief footage of the front porch of the complainant’s house and incorrectly implied that this was where the murder had taken place. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the item breached standards relating to the privacy, accuracy, fairness, and responsible programming standards: the complainant was not identifiable through the footage of her house; while the footage and the implication that the house was the scene of a murder were inaccurate, this was immaterial to the focus of the item, so viewers would not have been misled in any significant respect; the complainant did not take part and was not referred to in the item; and the responsible programming standard was not applicable.

Not Upheld: Privacy, Accuracy, Fairness, Responsible Programming

Northland District Health Board and TVWorks Ltd - 2011-156

An item on 60 Minutes entitled “Turned Away” was broadcast on TV3 and investigated the case of a young man who died of meningococcal disease after being misdiagnosed by medical professionals. The reporter interviewed the Chief Executive of the Northland District Health Board (NDHB) about the circumstances surrounding the man’s treatment and, in particular, about the doctor who made the decision not to administer a lumbar puncture earlier, despite the fact that the man displayed all but one of the symptoms of meningitis. The Authority declined to uphold the complaint that the item was inaccurate and misleading and that the interview was unbalanced and unfair. The item did not create a misleading impression; the District Health Board’s viewpoint was included through the interview with its Chief Executive and the item was not unfair; and significant perspectives were included on the issue under discussion.

Not Upheld: Controversial Issues, Accuracy, Fairness

Boparai and TVWorks Ltd - 2011-086

60 Minutes. Interview with former Breakfast presenter Paul Henry. Not upheld (controversial issues, discrimination and denigration, good taste and decency).

McGovern and TVWorks Ltd - 2010-052

60 Minutes. Teaser for item about boy’s suicide. Not upheld (fairness).

Hastings District Council and TVWorks Ltd - 2009-088

60 Minutes. Item on girl gangs in Hawke’s Bay. Upheld (privacy, fairness). Not upheld (law and order, balance, accuracy). Subsumed (children’s interests). Orders (broadcast of statement, $3,560.12 costs to complainant, $2,500 costs to Crown).

Dibble and Wardle and TVWorks Ltd - 2009-135

60 Minutes and 3 News. Items showed family photograph. Privacy and accuracy. Not upheld.

Nugent and TVWorks Ltd - 2009-070

60 Minutes. Item about CCTV and New Zealand becoming a surveillance society included footage of two school pupils fighting. Privacy. Not upheld.

The Order of St John and TVWorks Ltd - 2009-025

60 Minutes. Item about life and death of Antonie Dixon showed death certificate and contained name of paramedic who responded to medical emergency. Privacy. Not upheld.

Commerce Commission and TVWorks Ltd - 2008-014

60 Minutes. Item about Commerce Commission’s prosecution of a man marketing a fertiliser system. Accuracy, not upheld. Balance and fairness, upheld. Orders (broadcast of statement, $2,182.50 costs to complainant, $2,000 costs to Crown).

Preston and TVWorks Ltd - 2008-016

60 Minutes. Story about imitators of Jackass movies. Good taste and decency and law and order. Not upheld.

Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network Inc and TVWorks Ltd - 2007-134

60 Minutes. Use of animals in drug testing. Balance, fairness, and accuracy. Not upheld.

PHARMAC and CanWest TVWorks Ltd - 2006-127

60 Minutes. Funding of herceptin. Balance, accuracy. Upheld. Orders (broadcast of statement, $3,000 costs to Crown).

NK and CanWest TVWorks Ltd - 2007-036

60 Minutes. Interview with person who had recently been released from a prison in Thailand included footage of family and friends at her birthday party and showed a photo of a family portrait. Not upheld (privacy).

Harvey and CanWest TVWorks Ltd - 2006-097

60 Minutes. Filicide. Balance, fairness. Not upheld.

Jones and CanWest TVWorks Ltd - 2006-027

60 Minutes: “Sex and the City”. Street prostitution in Christchurch. Balance. Not upheld.

Gotlieb and Jackson and CanWest TVWorks Ltd - 2005-084

60 Minutes: "Insanely Jealous?" Law and order, balance, fairness, accuracy. Not upheld.

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