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Godinet & Kay and NZME Radio Limited - 2020-101 (16 December 2020)

The Authority did not uphold complaints that an item on Kerre McIvor Mornings breached the accuracy standard. The content was likely to be interpreted as commentary and opinion, and not statements of fact to which the accuracy standard applied. In terms of the balance standard, it was clearly presented from the host’s perspective. Given the nature of the programme, listeners were unlikely to have been misled by the omission of other views. The Authority also found that, in its context, the segment was unlikely to cause widespread undue offence or undermine widely shared community standards, did not actively promote serious antisocial or illegal activity and was not unfair to the Government or Prime Minister. Accordingly it did not breach the good taste and decency, law and order or fairness standards.      Not Upheld: Accuracy, Balance, Good taste and decency, Law and order, Fairness...

Singh and NZME Radio Ltd - 2020-089 (16 December 2020)

The Authority has not upheld a complaint about an interview on talkback radio show, Kerre McIvor Mornings, in which host Kerre McIvor criticised a caller for his position on the Government’s COVID-19 response saying ‘For God’s sake, listen to you’, and ‘God you’re pathetic’. The Authority found Ms McIvor’s comments and approach were unlikely to undermine widely shared community standards or to have caused widespread undue offence or distress. Not Upheld: Good Taste and Decency...