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Schwabe and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2000-083

ComplaintQueer as Folk – promo – offensive language – shagged FindingsStandard G2 – acceptable in context – no uphold Cross ReferencesDecision No: 1999-163, Decision No: 2000-056 and Decision No: 2000-075 This headnote does not form part of the decision. Summary A promo for the programme Queer as Folk was broadcast on TV4 at approximately 10pm on 23 February 2000. During the promo, the word "shag" was used twice. Paul Schwabe complained to TV3 Network Services Ltd, the broadcaster, that the word "shag" was "plainly offensive" and "akin to the ‘F’ word". In its response, TV3 said it did not consider that the average viewer would consider the word "shag" to be a swear word or an offensive term. It also noted that the promo was broadcast at 10pm within an AO programme. It declined to uphold the complaint....