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Greet and Barnett MP and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-138, 1999-139

TV3 news. Item summarised matters raised in a 20/20 programme broadcast the previous evening relating to the dismissal of the choirmaster at St Paul’s Cathedral in Dunedin. It was reported that the choir had returned to the Cathedral to demand the resignation of their Dean. Complaint that the item was unbalanced, unfair and inaccurate. Upheld (fairness, balance). Not upheld (law and order, discrimination and denigration). Subsumed (accuracy). Orders (broadcast of summary of decision, $5,000 costs to Crown).

Drake and The Radio Network Ltd - 1998-013

91ZM (Wellington). Publicity stunt organised by station required male volunteers to stand naked on the street for 90 minutes with a goldfish bowl appropriately positioned to avoid embarrassment. It was broadcast on 3 National News. Complaint based upon domplainant's assumption that the promotion of the stunt involved a broadcast which breached the good taste standard. But he didn't hear the broadcasts complained about. TRN advised that there was no pre-promotion of the stunt and no invitation to listeners to turn up to see naked men on a street. Declined to determine (good taste and decency).