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Nelson City Council and Mainland Television Ltd - 2004-069

Complaint under s. 8(1)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1989Issues – talkback host suggested commercial parking requirements involved double standards on part of Nelson City Council and “bordered on corruption” – host a potential candidate for Nelson mayoralty – inaccurate and unfairFindingsStandard 5 (accuracy) – standard not applicable to broadcast – not upheld Standard 6 (fairness) – opinions expressed based on inaccurate facts – unfair – upheldNo OrderThis headnote does not form part of the decision. Broadcast [1] Issues broadcast by Mainland Television in Nelson on Monday evenings is a programme in which guests discuss matters with the host, Gary Watson. Opportunity is also provided for viewers to call in and discuss matters with the guest and the host. [2] Parking requirements for commercial businesses in Nelson was one of the topics discussed on Issues on Monday 8 December 2003....

Naughton and Mainland Television Limited & Daystar Television - 2021-103 (16 February 2022)

An episode of Marcus and Joni breached the accuracy standard as it contained inaccurate and misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines and their safety. It also promoted conspiracies and advocated for ineffective remedies. The Authority found the broadcaster had not made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the programme, particularly as the guests were not recognised experts in the subjects discussed. The balance and programme information standards did not apply. Upheld: Accuracy Not Upheld: Balance, Programme Information Orders: Daystar: Section 13(1)(a) – broadcast statement; Section 16(4) – $500 costs to the Crown; Mainland: Section 16(4) - $500 costs to the Crown...