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Hayes and Radio Otago Ltd - 1996-018

93FM Hastings morning show. Remarks about Executive Officer of the Hastings A & P Society who had questioned the station manager as to why a crew had attended the A & P show without prior arrangement and in a vehicle used for promotional purposes. Radio hosts later apologised. Not upheld (good taste and decency, privacy, accuracy): action taken sufficient.

McDonagh and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1997-007

Assignment. Item examining the placement of two juvenile offenders with a known gang associate showed the home where he had been living. The complainants had bought the home earlier in the year and were carrying out renovations, and it was filmed without their permission. The broadcaster upheld their complaint and apologised, saying the film crew had been admonished. Upheld (privacy): action taken insufficient. Order ($500 compensation to complainants).

S and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1996-003

Radio Pacific News. The name of a New Zealander who was raped in South Africa was given in a news item during an interview about the incident with a journalist in Johannesburg. Upheld (privacy): broadcaster's action insufficient. Order ($2,500 compensation to complainant).

L and Radio Liberty Network - 1996-004, 1996-005, 1996-006

Midnight to dawn talkback on Radio Liberty and a later marathon talkback session. Complainant alleged that host used offensive and threatening language during and after the marathon session, and the earlier broadast included personal comments such as giving her name, address and telephone number, that breached her privacy. Upheld (privacy). Declined to determine (good taste and decency). Order ($750 compensation to complainant).

Koster and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1995-151, 1995-152

91ZM morning show. A joke call advising a woman that the tickets for her forthcoming overseas trip were cancelled. Item was repeated that day and the next. Upheld (fairness). Not upheld (privacy). No order.

Chambers and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1995-146

Fair Go. Item questioned safeguards employed by a Christchurch company which used computerised tele-marketing to ensure that householders were not pestered by unwanted calls. Not upheld (privacy).

MB and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1995-099, 1995-100

Newstalk ZB. Caller gave name and the address (on two occasions) of man seen kicking a dog on the street. Upheld (privacy, fairness). Not upheld (good taste and decency). No order.

Whanau Social Services Inc and Te Reo Irirangi O Ngati Kahungunu Inc - 1995-082

Radio Kahungunu. Description of events on the Omahu Marae, Hastings, during the fiscal envelope hui. Complaint that a protester's comments denigrated and defamed the people referred to. Upheld (one technical aspect – no copy of the tape available). Declined to determine the substance of the complaint (balance, fairness, privacy, responsible programming): no tape available. No order.

Sawyers and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1995-053

Radio Pacific interviews. Author interviewed advanced the thesis that counselling can assist homosexuals change their sexual orientation. Complaint that the programmes were unbalanced, breached the privacy of the callers and denigrated gay people. Not upheld (privacy, balance, responsible programming, discrimination and denigration).

Hetherington and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1995-044

Holmes. Item discussed a 10-year-old girl's anxieties about the activities of a neighbourhood gang and included comments from some gang members, including the 11-year-old son of the complainants. Not upheld (privacy).

MacKenzie and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1995-003

60 Minutes. Item examined case of a social worker convicted of child abuse offences whose name had been suppressed, but whose past behaviour had worried some of his fellow social workers who had drawn their concerns to the attention of the supervisory staff. Attempt to interview (with cameras rolling) the complainant who was Chief Social Worker for the Auckland Hospital Board at the time. Not upheld (privacy).

Sumner and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-104

3ZB talkback. Host referred to article about complainant being awarded a lump sum by the Accident Compensation Appeal Authority. Not upheld (privacy).

C B and Energy Enterprises Ltd - 1994-098

Energy FM breakfast programme promo. Comments on newspaper coverage of complainant's part in capturing armed robber. Upheld (good taste and decency): but existing offer of apology sufficient. Not upheld (privacy). No order.

O'Neill and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1994-093

3 National News. Item showed young man who had made a court appearance for drink driving and causing a fatal accident. Not upheld (privacy).

Southland Fuel Injection Ltd and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1994-091

Fair Go. Item dealt with dispute between complainant and a customer about work done. Upheld (controversial issues): action taken by broadcaster insufficient. Not upheld (good taste and decency, privacy, fairness). Order (broadcast of statement).

Hunt and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-079

ZMFM Wellington. Promotion involving finding a diamond ring referred to Sam Hunt." Not upheld (privacy).

Minister of Health (Hon Jenny Shipley) and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-071

RNZ. Talkback host's interview of Minister of Health queried specialists working in both the public and private health sectors. Upheld: majority (fairness, questions about the value of the Minister's home). Not upheld (fairness, concluding remark): action taken sufficient. Not upheld: majority (balance). No order.

Jacobsen and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1994-060

Mr Wroe's Virgins. Episode showed one of the virgins reluctantly submitting to sexual intercourse with Mr Wroe, an apocalyptic preacher who had founded the Christian Israelite Church. Not upheld (good taste and decency, privacy, discrimination and denigration).

Archer and Pirate FM - 1994-056

Pirate FM. Announcer's comments about his legally separated wife. Not upheld (privacy).

Although broadcast did not breach privacy standard, the Authority wanted to address issue of a broadcaster using the airwaves for this sort of personal comment. It therefore prepared an Advisory Opinion for Pirate FM and another Advisory Opinion for all broadcasters on the privacy principles it would apply in the case of untruths. See 1994-A01 and 1994-A02.

Earlly and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1994-043, 1994-044

Radio Pacific morning programme. A list of people – excluding their names – who had been charged with serious crimes and were now receiving psychiatric treatment was read out. Upheld: majority (accuracy): action taken insufficient. Not upheld (privacy, fairness). No order (but recommendation that the broadcaster make the apology it had already proposed).

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