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Diocese of Dunedin and 12 Others and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-125–1999-137

SummaryThe members of the Authority have viewed the item complained about and, at TV3’s request, have viewed field footage relating to the production of the item. They have also read all of the correspondence listed in the Appendix, which includes four affidavits from Diocesan officials, including the Bishop, an article from the October 1998 North and South magazine, an affidavit from TV3’s reporter, submissions from the Diocese, the Dean, Robert Rothel and Diccon Sim in response, a final submission from TV3 and the complainants’ final responses. The Authority was asked to convene a formal hearing to determine the complaints....

Diocese of Dunedin, Kirkpatrick, Somers-Edgar, Rothel and Sim and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-033–040

An application by TV3 Network Services Ltd for an interim injunction failed in the High Court: CP 81/99 PDF2. 73 MB INTERIM DECISIONA number of complaints were referred to the Broadcasting Standards Authority concerning a 20/20 item entitled "Sex, Lies and Videotape" broadcast on TV3 on 28 June 1998 and a related news item broadcast on 3 News on 29 June 1998. There has been extensive correspondence between the complainants, the broadcaster and the Authority in the intervening months. On 24 March 1999, the Authority received advice from the solicitors acting for TV3 in which they noted that four of the principal complainants had alluded to the possibility of taking defamation proceedings against TV3. TV3 argued that the Authority would be severely prejudiced if the complaints were allowed to proceed under these circumstances....