BSA Pānui

BSA Pānui

The BSA publishes a regular electronic bulletin, the BSA Pānui, to keep people up to date with our decisions and with what we've been doing. The Pānui is published around ten times each year. 

Copies of the BSA Pānui can be found on this page.

The Pānui is emailed to subscribers. 

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In July 2009 the BSA changed from a quarterly, printed newsletter, published on the website in PDF form, to an online bulletin. Therefore, the August 2009 edition is the first copy of the online 
BSA Bulletin and the June 2009 edition of BSA Quarterly was the last printed newsletter.


  • BSA Quarterly December 2008 PDF1.52 MB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features an article about new research on viewing violence; an overview of the Election Programme Complaints process and information about our new bus advertising campaign.
    Download decision summary PDF51.41 kB
  • BSA Quarterly September 2008 PDF51.41 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features an article about The Election Programmes Code; information about the revised Radio Programmes Code; and an article about the inclusion of an expanded Bill of Rights explanation in BSA decisions, as well as summarising the 46 decisions released in the second quarter of 2008.
    Download decision summary PDF1.52 MB
  • BSA Quarterly May 2008 PDF499.44 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features new BSA research Seen and Heard: Children’s Media Use, Exposure, and Response; two new practice notes about the violence and liquor standards; that the revised election code comes into effect on 1 June; and summarises the 36 decisions released in the first quarter of 2008.
    Download decision summary PDF55.21 kB
  • BSA Quarterly February 2008 PDF207.72 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features an article about the government Review of the Future of Content Regulation; there is a note about the election code, under revision due to changes to the Broadcasting Act made in conjunction with the revised Electoral Finance Act; new community resources designed to raise awareness about the broadcast complaints system feature; and, a précis of the 30 decisions released in the last quarter of 2007.
    Download decision summary PDF56.74 kB


  • BSA Quarterly November 2007 PDF1.46 MB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features a call for public submissions on proposed changes to the Radio Code; we illustrate some of the resources developed for our Community Advisory Panel's awareness campaign about the AO 8.30pm watershed and the classifications system; a report on the balance standard in the codes of broadcasting practice by Associate Professor Martin Hirst of the School of Communication Studies at AUT is noted; and, an excerpt from Andrea Millwood Hargrave's address about the speed of technological change and the need for 'communications literacy' made to the New Broadcasting Futures Conference in August this year is reproduced.
    Download decision summary PDF55.02 kB
  • BSA Quarterly August 2007 PDF1.25 MB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly invites interested parties to make submissions on proposed amendments to the complaints process. We note the government’s forthcoming public consultation on broadcast content regulation; and promote two new online publications to our readers: Children’s Media Use and Responses, and Media Literacy Information in New Zealand.
    Download decision summary PDF50.37 kB
  • BSA Quarterly May 2007 PDF1.41 MB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features a farewell to long-serving staff member Dr Michael Stace. We summarise decisions of interest from the first quarter 2007, and update you on the Community Advisory Panel’s workplan. There is also a request that newsletter subscribers complete a short online evaluation.
    Download decision summary PDF44.18 kB
  • BSA Quarterly February 2007 PDF289.25 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly contains a profile of the BSA's new chief executive, Dominic Sheehan; outgoing CE, Jane Wrightson discusses the findings of the report Issues facing broadcast content regulation; there are updates about changes to the BSA's website including a new educational resource for media studies teachers and students, and summaries of some of the 47 decisions issued between October and December 2006.
    Download decision summary PDF27.99 kB


  • BSA Quarterly November 2006 PDF687.59 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features the launch of the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) in Christchurch in September. We notify you about the commencement of the radio code review, reappointments of BSA members, and a forthcoming publication, Significant Viewpoints.
  • BSA Quarterly August 2006 PDF56.76 kB
    This edition of BSA Quarterly features an article by BSA Chair, Joanne Morris, about the major public attitude survey results which we published recently. We profile a fascinating report on how technology developments may affect New Zealand’s media regulatory framework; and introduce you to the members of our new Community Advisory Panel. Two reviews have been concluded.
  • BSA Quarterly May 2006 PDF360.99 kB
    This edition of the BSA Quarterly contains a call for submissions on a new Pay TV Code. We announce the forthcoming launch of a research publication "Freedoms and Fetters: broadcasting standards in New Zealand," and update you on the BSA's inaugural Community Advisory Panel.
  • BSA Quarterly February 2006 PDF61.28 kB
    In this edition of BSA Quarterly, we promote the exciting New Zealand media literacy website, advertise the application process for a new BSA Community Advisory Panel, and summarise some of the interesting decisions issued in the quarter October to December 2005.


  • BSA Quarterly December 2005 PDF414.8 kB
    In this edition of the Quarterly, we introduce a new research publication, summarise some of the Authority decisions issued in the quarter July to September 2005, and present a set of statistics from this year's annual report.
  • BSA Quarterly August 2005 PDF363.4 kB
    This BSA Quarterly confirms that amendments have been made to the classification standard and Appendix 1 of the free to air television code. It notes the BSA’s proposed changes to the privacy principles, and invites public feedback on the proposals. Decisions of particular interest during the April to June quarter are summarised.
  • BSA Quarterly May 2005 PDF380.94 kB
    This BSA Quarterly features topline findings of focus group research into talkback radio. We notify that the revised Election Programmes code was gazetted in March, and include an article for broadcasters from the Electoral Commission about election advertising rules.
  • BSA Quarterly February 2005 PDF184.79 kB
    This BSA Quarterly discusses the application of the Bill of Rights Act 1990 to Authority decision making. We update you on the recent review of the election programmes/advertisments code, and summarise some of the Authority’s decisions issued between October and December last year.