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Martin and SKY Network Television Ltd - 2002-081

ComplaintCommando – film – screened at 1. 15pm – violent – unsuitable for children – inappropriately classifiedFindingsStandard S20 – unacceptable violence – upholdStandard S22 – some violence involving a child – upholdStandard S23 – violence and language unsuitable at that time – upholdStandard S26 – extreme methods not capable of easy imitation – no upholdNo OrderThis headnote does not form part of the decision. Summary[1] The film Commando was screened at 1. 15pm on 15 December 2001 on the Sky Movie Channel. Rated "M", the film is of the action genre and starred Arnold Schwarzenneger. [2] Lewis Martin complained to Sky Network Television Ltd, the broadcaster, that in view of the quantity and explicitness of the violence, it was unsuitable for children and should have been classified as "18"....

Waites and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2000-193

ComplaintAmerican Commandos – documentary about training of Green Beret soldiers – young woman "assassinated" in training exercise – unsuitable for children – unnecessarily graphic – broadcast prior to rugby matchFindingsStandard G2 – in context of soldier training – no uphold Standard G12 – broadcast prior to important rugby match – when viewed out of context, unsuitable for children – majority uphold Standard V8 – no uphold Standard V12 – not violent or distressing as contemplated by the standard – no uphold Standard V16 – not applicable – no uphold Standard V17 – not gratuitous – no uphold This headnote does not form part of the decision. Summary A documentary entitled American Commandos was broadcast on TV3 on 5 August 2000 beginning at 2. 30pm. Soldiers training to be "Green Berets" were shown completing a number of exercises, including urban warfare training and hand-to-hand combat....