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Leitch and Television New Zealand Ltd and TVWorks Ltd - 2012-104

Complaints under section 8(1B)(b)(i) of the Broadcasting Act 1989One News Tonight and 3 News – items used the word “gay” to mean “homosexual” – allegedly in breach of accuracy standard FindingsStandard 5 (accuracy) – Authority has previously declined to determine an identical complaint from Mr Leitch – complaints frivolous and trivial – vexatious to refer three identical complaints following Authority’s previous ruling – Authority declines to determine the complaints in accordance with section 11(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1989 This headnote does not form part of the decision. Introduction [1] Three news items covering the debate around legalising “gay marriage”, used the word “gay” numerous times to mean “homosexual”. The items were broadcast on TV One and TV3 on 27 July and 29 August 2012....