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B and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2002-144, 2002-145

ComplaintMore FM – radio competition – disclosure of work-place – unfair – breach of privacy FindingsPrinciple 3 Guideline 3a – Privacy Principle (v) – complainant’s work-place private information – uphold – apology to complainant sufficient Principle 5 – broadcaster upheld complaint – action taken sufficient No Order This headnote does not form part of the decision. Summary [1] On 10 May 2002, B entered a radio competition on More FM in Dunedin. B’s work-place details were broadcast, after he had specifically stated that he did not want his work-place disclosed on-air. [2] B complained to More FM, the broadcaster, that the broadcast breached his privacy and was a "blatant and deceitful" breach of the requirement that broadcasters deal justly and fairly with any person taking part in a broadcast. He also complained directly to the Authority under s....

Ryan and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2000-025

Summary Host Ritchie Watson told a caller to Radio Pacific to "take a swallow of the body of Christ and have a few gins with it" during his talkback programme broadcast on 23 October 1999 between 11. 00–12. 00pm. Terry Ryan complained to The RadioWorks Ltd, broadcaster of Radio Pacific, that the remarks, which were addressed to him, were a serious breach of decency and good taste. The RadioWorks advised that the remark was unacceptable and reported that the host had apologised and indicated that he had not realised that such comments would offend. It responded that the reference to "having a few gins" had been unacceptable, but did not find that it breached the good taste requirement. Dissatisfied with the station's response, Mr Ryan referred the complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority under s. 8(1)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1989....

Cotterall and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2000-015

SummaryAccording to the complainant, a Radio Pacific talkback host said "Maori is not a culture" between 6. 00 and 8. 00am on 1 September 1999. Stephen Cotterall said that he complained to Radio Pacific, a division of The RadioWorks Ltd, the broadcaster, that the comment made by the announcer was racially derogatory and insulting to the tangata whenua. As the broadcaster failed to respond to Mr Cotterall’s complaint, he referred it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority under s. 8(1)(b) of the Broadcasting Act 1989. When the matter was referred to The RadioWorks, it advised that it had not received Mr Cotterall’s letter of complaint. Nevertheless, it then proceeded to deal with the complaint. The broadcaster advised that the announcer’s comment was a genuine expression of opinion, and it declined to uphold the complaint. For the reasons given below, the Authority declines to uphold the complaint....

Royal and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2001-213

ComplaintRadio Pacific – talkback host's reference to graffiti artists’ attitude to suicide included the words – they "should commit suicide more quickly" – immature – bigoted – offensive FindingsPrinciple 1 and Principle 7 Guideline 7a – no tape – decline to determine Principle 8 – relevant – uphold No Order This headnote does not form part of the decision. Summary [1] Graffiti artists were discussed on talkback broadcast on Radio Pacific at about 4. 15pm on 1 June 2001. In reply to a caller expressing concern about the suicide rate among that group, the host had used words to the effect "it is a pity more of them do not commit suicide more quickly". [2] Alan Royal complained to The RadioWorks Ltd, the broadcaster of Radio Pacific, that the remark was "immature, bigoted and offensive"....

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