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Four research projects and a new practice note

Five items have been uploaded to the BSA website today: four research/review projects which can be found in our Publications section for 2013 and a Practice Note which can be found under Practice Notes 2013.

The research projects have been undertaken for different reasons – testing and evaluating our performance, gaining insight into community views of what is acceptable, and measuring awareness of the complaints process.

These projects include:

  • Focus group testing of community attitudes to five of our challenging decisions in relation to the Children's Interests Standard which demonstrates that once people understand the factors the BSA takes into their decision, they can agree with or accept the rationale. (link to summary page)
  • A survey analysing people's awareness of the avenue(s) for making complaints about breaches of broadcasting standards and showing that awareness is high. (link to summary page)
  • An external review of 10 of our most challenging decisions (conducted by a lawyer, a broadcaster and an academic) which commends the Authority's well written, accessible and thorough decisions and makes some suggestions and recommendations that the BSA will review and consider. (link to summary page)
  • A survey of broadcasters' perceptions and experiences of the complaints process which shows that the processes between broadcasters and the BSA are working well. (link to summary page)

The final piece of work uploaded today is a new Practice Note which explains how the BSA approaches trivial, frivolous and vexatious complaints and gives guidance to complainants and broadcasters as to when the BSA will decline to determine a complaint.
See Trivial Complaints