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Moore and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2014-077

On Good Morning the presenter interviewed two recently eliminated contestants from Masterchef New Zealand. The Authority declined to determine the complaint that the presenters referred to the two contestants as ‘coo coo things’, as these words did not feature in the broadcast.

Declined to Determine: Discrimination and Denigration

Butler and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2011-157

An episode of Good Morning included an interview with author and Associate Professor of Psychology Niki Harrè about her new book on the psychology of sustainability. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that a reference to Niki Harrè as a “psychologist” in a teaser for the item breached the accuracy standard: the single reference to “psychologist” in the teaser was not a material point of fact – the term was used colloquially and not intended to denote a technical meaning, and any impression it created was clarified by the item itself.

Not Upheld: Accuracy

Gibson and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2002-041

Good Morning. News item reported that President Bush wanted bin Laden dead or alive and this was repeated in subsequent news broadcasts. Not upheld (accuracy).

Wakeman and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-239

Good Morning. Programme referred to the Alliance Party’s proposal to introduce higher taxes and invited viewers to telephone or fax their responses for inclusion in the programme’s Voteline. Not upheld (balance).

McLean and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-187

Good Morning and trailer. The INCIS police contract cancellation by IBM was the subject of a talkback/voteline segment. Not upheld (balance): action taken sufficient.

James and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-148

Good Morning. Programme's nutritionist interviewed a representative from the International Soy Advisory Board and demonstrated the use of soy products in cooking. Complaint that programme did not warn viewers of the known health risks of using soy products, nor did it reveal that the guest was either a consultant to or an employee of a company which markets the products. Upheld (balance, accuracy). Order (broadcast of statement).

Shand and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-087

Good Morning. Complaint that presenter had made derogatory remarks about people with blonde hair. No reference to blondes in the programme. Declined to determine (discrimination and denigration).

Dawkins and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1996-073

Good Morning. A spokesperson for Rape Crisis was interviewed and discussed some aspects of the work of Rape Crisis and how its services could be accessed. Complaint that the item was sexist and lacking in balance because it did not discuss the male perspective. Declined to determine (complaint both vexatious and trivial).

Wellington Palestine Group and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1994-069

Good Morning New Zealand. Four items referred to events taking place in Middle East. Complaint about RNZ not labelling territories in the region correctly. Upheld: majority (accuracy, one aspect). Not upheld (accuracy, three other aspects). No order.

Garbutt and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1992-077

Mana News, Good Morning New Zealand. Item about a war memorial in Wanganui. Not upheld (law and order, balance).