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Golden and Radio New Zealand Ltd - ID2018-097 (18 February 2019)

The Authority has declined to determine a complaint that an individual on The Panel should not have been on the programme due to ‘corrupt practices’ and therefore the broadcast was inaccurate. The Authority found that the arguments raised in the complaint had no direct correlation to the standard raised.

Declined to Determine: Accuracy

Hector and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2018-020 (21 May 2018)

An item on The Panel featured an interview with the Prime Minister’s partner and regular guest on the programme, Clarke Gayford. The interview focused on the Prime Minister’s recent pregnancy announcement and parenthood. At the beginning of the interview, Mr Gayford was introduced as the ‘Prime Minister’s partner’. The complainant submitted that the broadcast was inaccurate and misleading because Mr Gayford should have been introduced as the Prime Minister’s ‘publicist’. The Authority declined to determine the complaint on the basis it was frivolous and trivial and did not reach the threshold for being considered under the accuracy standard.

Declined to Determine: Accuracy

Walker and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 2014-108

During The Panel, a study was discussed which showed women are now outdoing men in some areas of cognition. The panellists joked about whether the study explained the reasons behind a ‘man’s look’ or why men do not replace toilet rolls. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that their comments denigrated men. They were clearly intended to be humorous and light-hearted, and did not carry any invective.

Not Upheld: Discrimination and Denigration

Reardon and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2001-120

Promo for The Panel. Included a segment where panellist mocked Princess Margaret. Not upheld (good taste and decency).