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Singh and Radio Virsa - 2019-081 (27 May 2020)

The Authority upheld a complaint that a segment of Punjabi talkback programme, Dasam Granth Da Sach breached the good taste and decency, violence and law and order standards. During the segment, the host made threatening comments, directed at members of a Sikh sect in response to recent violent incidents in India. The Authority found the comments undermined widely shared community standards, considering their seriousness, specificity and other contextual factors. The Authority also found the comments actively incited violence and promoted disrespect for the law within the specific community of listeners. The Authority recognised the value of the broadcaster’s right to freedom of expression but found the potential for harm justified a restriction of this right.

Upheld: Good Taste and Decency, Violence, Law and Order

Orders: Section 13(1)(a) broadcast statement

UJ and SKY Network Television Ltd - 2019-030 (19 August 2019)

Warning: This decision contains content that some readers may find distressing.

During coverage of the 15 March 2019 attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, SKY Network Television channel 085, Sky News New Zealand, included a number of edited clips taken from the alleged attacker’s 17‑minute livestream video. The Authority upheld a complaint that the broadcast was in breach of the violence and law and order standards. While the broadcast as a whole was newsworthy and had a high level of public interest, the clips themselves contained disturbing violent content, which had the potential to cause significant distress to members of the public, and particularly to the family and friends of victims and the wider Muslim community in New Zealand. In the context of the attacks, the content of these clips also risked glorifying the alleged attacker and promoting his messages. As such, the degree of potential harm that could be caused to audiences was greater than the level of public interest, and the Authority found overall that these clips, in the form broadcast, should not have been aired.

Upheld: Violence, Law and Order; Declined Jurisdiction: Balance, Accuracy, Fairness

Order: Section 16(4) – $4,000 in costs to the Crown

Hunt and Māori Television - 2009-010

Te Hikoi Mahanga. Footage of car performing burnouts on a public road. Law and order. Upheld. No order.

Atkins and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2007-066

Balls of Steel: "Pain Men". Electric belt sander applied to a man’s buttocks. Children’s interests, not upheld. Good taste and decency, law and order, upheld. No order.

Robbins and Bright and The Beach 94.6FM - 2004-108, 2004-109, 2004-110, 2004-111

The Beach 94.6FM. Host's comments about police. Law and order, good taste and decency, upheld. Privacy, balance, denigration, not upheld. Order (broadcast of statement, including apology to listeners).

Transportation Auckland Corporation Limited (Stagecoach) and The Radio Network Ltd - 2003-095, 2003-096

91ZM Countdown: Drive Show. In comments about bus rage, presenter advised passengers to damage buses. Allegedly breached law and order and responsible programming (children's interests) standards. Upheld by broadcaster but action taken insufficient. Order (broadcast of statement including the words "reckless, irresponsible and inappropriate").

Kelcher and Prime Television New Zealand Ltd - 2003-018, 2003-019

Maximum Exposure – International Fight Club. Clips of violent behaviour. Upheld (action taken insufficient: law and order, programme classification, violence); upheld (good taste and decency; children's interests). Not upheld (fairness). Order (broadcast of statement).

New Zealand Institute of Animal Control Officers Inc and The RadioWorks New Zealand Ltd - 2001-054

Radio Pacific. Talkback host said he would shoot a dog ranger about to shoot his dog. Upheld (law and order). Not relevant (social responsibility). No order.

McGlone and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2000-018

Radio Pacific. Host advised caller to lie to the Accident Compensation Corporation in order to obtain a benefit she was not legally entitled to. Upheld (law and order): action taken insufficient. Order (broadcast of brief summary of decision).

Archer and Pirate FM - 1996-026, 1996-027

Wellington's Pirate FM afternoon programme. Announcer referred abusively to a nephew from Auckland who was visiting his two sons and threatened to inflict violence on him with a baseball bat. He also broadcast the address where his sons were living with his former wife, whom he described as "the ex-slug". Upheld (good taste and decency, law and order, privacy). Not upheld (discrimination and denigration). Not relevant (responsible programming (re children)). Order ($1,500 compensation to complainant).

Maude and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1995-157

Newsnight. Item on illegal drag racing at night on the streets of Manukau City. Upheld (law and order, balance): action taken insufficient. Order (broadcast of summary of decision).

Maguire and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1995-115

Newstalk ZB afternoon show. Caller expressed his anger that, following the break-up with his partner, he had been served with an order to attend an anger management course. Host's comment alleging lack of dedication which could be displayed by lawyers in receipt of legal aid.  Upheld (law and order). Not upheld (discrimination and denigration). Order (broadcast of summary of decision).