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Rameka and Māori Television Service - 2017-070 (20 September 2017)

A campaign clip for the Ban 1080 Party (an election programme for the purposes of the Election Programmes Code) was broadcast on 10 September 2017 on Māori Television. The clip featured a voiceover discussing the purported use and effects of sodium fluoroacetate (1080 poison) on New Zealand’s flora, fauna and waterways, accompanied by footage of animal carcasses and 1080 baits in water. The Authority did not uphold a complaint that the election programme was misleading and breached the Election Programmes Code and the Free-To-Air Television Code. The Authority found that the election programme did not contain statements of fact that were misleading, inaccurate, or indistinguishable from opinion. The claims made within the context of the broadcast were statements of political advocacy and opinion, made for the purpose of encouraging voters to vote for the Ban 1080 Party. The Authority emphasised the importance and value of political expression, particularly in the lead up to a general election, and in this context it did not consider the high threshold for finding a breach of standards was met.

Not Upheld: Accuracy, Distinguishing Factual Information from Opinion or Advocacy, Good Taste and Decency, Fairness, Balance

Ashton and Payne and Māori Television - 2012-054

An item on Te Kāea, broadcast on Māori Television, reported on an Anglican deacon who was allegedly stood down after making a complaint about a man he alleged had been the subject of a sexual abuse inquiry. The Authority upheld the complaint that this breached the accuracy and fairness standards: it is not the Authority's role to determine the nature of the the alleged sexual abuse and its portrayal in the item; the item omitted other reasons for the deacon's suspension, which was misleading; the item was unfair to the church and the Bishop because the broadcaster did not have a sufficient foundation for broadcasting serious allegations and did not appear to take any steps to corroborate the essential facts of the broadcast; and given the seriousness of the allegations, the church was not provided with a fair and reasonable opportunity to comment. The Authority did not agree that the item breached the controversial issues standard as it did not discuss a controversial issue of public importance.
The Authority made no order.

Upheld: Accuracy, Fairness
Not Upheld: Controversial Issues

No Order

de Boer and Māori Television - 2011-101

Hunting Aotearoa. Graphic footage of hunting. Not upheld (violence).

Rupa and Māori Television - 2011-087

Tuko Anzac in Māori. Anzac Day broadcast included images of the New Zealand flag. Declined to determine (controversial issues).

Bradstock and Māori Television - 2011-025

Hunting Aotearoa. Hunter used potentially objectionable language. Upheld (good taste and decency). No order.

Tahere and Māori Television - 2010-005

Te Kaea. News item reported that colostrum from cows’ milk could cure a variety of illnesses. Upheld (controversial issues and accuracy). Orders (broadcast of statement, $1,000 costs to the Crown).

Rupa and Māori Television - 2010-009

Native Affairs. Complaint that programme did not cover anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Declined to determine (balance).

Tobin and Māori Television - 2009-156

Native Affairs. Item discussed Education Review Office report on a Māori immersion school Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Hoani Waititi. Controversial issues, accuracy and fairness. Not upheld.

Reid and Māori Television - 2009-098

Te Kaea. Item and follow-up item reported on Ngati Porou signing foreshore and seabed deed of agreement. Balance and accuracy. Not upheld.

Whitfield and Māori Television - 2009-099

Homai Te Pakipaki. Karaoke-style singing contest. Fairness, programme information and children’s interests. Not upheld.

Hunt and Māori Television - 2009-010

Te Hikoi Mahanga. Footage of car performing burnouts on a public road. Law and order. Upheld. No order.

Whaanga-Kipa and Māori Television - 2007-112

Native Affairs. Work of a Maori Trust. Accuracy, fairness. Not upheld.

Hutchins and Māori Television - 2005-088

Toi Whakaari. Kapa haka. Children's interests. Not upheld.

Hutchins and Māori Television - 2005-064

Toi Whakaari. Kapa haka. Good taste and decency, children's interests. Not upheld.

Wakeman and Māori Television - 2004-162

Te Kaea. Māori news. Law and order, balance. Declined to determine.