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DA and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2001-214, 2001-215

One News. Two items on murder trial showed complainant, who had been summonsed as juror, standing near accused in the dock, implying supporter of accused. Upheld (privacy). Order ($500 costs to complainant).

BB and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2001-121

A documentary called Babies told the story of a 47-year-old woman having her fifth child who had had her first child at the age of 18 and had given it up for adoption at birth. The documentary showed the adopted child as a young woman and gave her first name, even though consent had not been given to broadcast this material. The daughter complained that this breached her privacy. The broadcaster upheld the complaint, and the material objected to was edited out in case the item was rebroadcast. The board found the action taken insufficient and ordered $500 compensation to be paid to the complainant.

M and Radio 531 PI - 2001-028

Radio 531 PI News. Report that 20-year-old Tongan man had died as a result of suicide. Upheld (privacy). Order ($500 compensation to complainant).

Crowley and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2000-139

Holmes. Interview with Parekura Horomia followed by a recording of private conversation of his from filming break. Upheld (privacy). No order.

CD and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2000-141, 2000-142, 2000-143

3 News and Ice As. Footage of car accident shown in news and also in comedy show. Upheld (privacy, Ice Age). Not upheld (privacy, 3 News). No order.

M and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2000-132

Inside New Zealand. Documentary about debtors and debt recovery workers showed a debt recovery worker outside the home of a couple with a number of children, who were said to have a debt of $1600. Upheld (privacy). Order ($500 compensation to complainant).

A and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2000-048

John Banks' talkback: "Royal Breakfast Show". A host read on air part of A’s written complaint about the host’s use of the word "Royal" to describe his show and also named the complainant. Upheld (privacy principle (v) – identification. No order.

Rea and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 2000-043

3 News. Item about the "Screwdriver Gang" being sought by police showed footage of two pre-school children whose father was a member of the gang. Upheld (privacy). No order.

G and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-229, 1999-230

Holmes. Item examined "Operation Youthcare", a police and community initiative in Nelson, and part of the filming took place in the police station where a number of young people were being held or questioned. It was reported that, in some cases, their parents were summoned to the station. Complaint from a parent that his and his daughter’s privacy were breached by the filming. Upheld (privacy). No order.

Johns and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-201, 1999-202

Motorway Patrol. Segment showed four people undertaking evidential breath tests, having been suspected of driving while intoxicated. Two had their identity concealed by electronic masking, the other two were clearly identifiable. Upheld (privacy, fairness). Order ($500 costs to Crown).

JJ and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-170

One Network News. Item dealt with recapture of escaped prisoner who was a convicted murderer and included an interview with his father and his ten-year-old son. The mother of the boy complained that this breached his privacy. Upheld (privacy). Order ($500 costs to complainant).

Diocese of Dunedin and 12 Others and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-125–1999-137

20/20: "Sex, Lies and Videotape". Item concerned matters surrounding the dismissal of the Director of Music at Dunedin Cathedral. Upheld (accuracy, fairness, balance, responsible programming, and privacy). Orders (broadcast approved statement; refrain from broadcasting advertising programmes between 6pm and 8.30pm on one day; $5,000 each to Canon Somers-Edgar and Mr Rothel for breaches of privacy; costs of $45,000 to the Diocese and Dean, of $17,500 to Canon Somers-Edgar, and $12,500 to Mr Rothel; costs to the Crown of $5,000 re their complaints, a total of $15,000).

BB and Radio Bay of Plenty Ltd - 1999-107, 1999-108

1XX birthday calls. Whakatane radio station broadcast call to BB who, it said, was 50 on Saturday. The call included the comment that she was to be reunited on that day with her son whom she had given up for adoption 30 years ago. Upheld (privacy). Not upheld (inadequacy of broadcaster's action). Subsequent action by broadcaster sufficient.

Burnell, Minister of Social Services, Work and Income (Hon Roger Sowry) and Commissioner for Children (Hon Roger McClay) and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-087, 1999-088, 1999-089

Holmes. Item showed footage of eight-year-old child, who was described as suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome, exhibiting what were said to be some behavioural problems of the syndrome. Upheld (privacy). Order (broadcast statement, $5,000 costs to Crown).

Commissioner for Children and 7 Others and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-093–1999-101

You be the Judge. Broadcast revealed results of a paternity test. The child, who was 6 years old, was present in the studio when it was revealed that his mother’s former husband was his father. Upheld (good taste and decency, privacy, fairness). Orders (broadcast of summary of decision, $3,500 costs to Crown).

MM and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-103, 1999-104

3 News and Nightline. Item dealt with concern about repeat drink/driving offences and included footage of the police dealing with drivers who had been drinking, including a segment showing a woman struggling violently as she was put into a police car. Complaint that the item breached her privacy. Upheld (privacy). Orders ($250 costs to MM; $250 costs to Crown).

DD and The Radio Network Ltd - 1999-062, 1999-063

91ZM. Radio station read out entry from winner of holiday competition, which explained why he deserved to win the holiday. Winning entry was read out on two days, with the winner's name mentioned in full on the second day, and included the details of his wife leaving him because she was having an affair with a 19-year-old who subsequently dumped her. The former wife complained that the broadcasts breached standards and her privacy. Upheld (privacy: second broadcast). Not upheld (fairness). Order ($250 compensation to DD; $250 costs to Crown).

J and The Radioworks Ltd - 1999-024, 1999-025

The Edge. A radio announcer, claiming he was doing a survey on STDs, telephoned a woman and asked a number of personal and intimate questions. The call was broadcast live. The woman who received the call had identified herself using her first name and employer’s name. Upheld (good taste and decency, fairness: action taken insufficient). Upheld (privacy). Orders ($1,000 compensation to complainant, $750 costs to complainant, $1,000 costs to Crown).

Black and The Radio Network Ltd - 1999-003

Radio Sport breakfast show. In discussion of reappointment of All Black coach, the host reported a private conversation he had overheard between John Hart and his wife in a public place. Upheld (privacy). No order.

B and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1998-158

3 National News. A prison officer who was accused of impregnating a prison inmate was the subject of a news item. Complainant's family's privacy breached, as footage of their family home was included in the item. Upheld (privacy).  Order ($500 compensation to complainant, $500 costs to Crown). 

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