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Scott and Radio New Zealand Ltd -1998-044

Checkpoint item reported on a rally was held in Wellington protesting against some of the government's policies. The speakers included Maxine Gay of the NZ Trade Union Federation. Comments from the speeches of the three other speakers were included in the item. Complaint that the omission of any reference to Ms Gay, and the omission of her significant contribution, breached the balance and accuracy standards. Not upheld (balance, accuracy).

Department of Conservation (Wanganui Conservancy) and Carlin and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1998-035, 1998-036

Radio Pacific breakfast programme. Host's comments about dumping carcases at the Department's offices in Wanganui and at the home of the Conservator. Upheld (fairness, balance). Not upheld (law and order, accuracy). No order.

Green Society and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1998-028, 1998-029

Morning Report and Checkpoint. Programmes discussed aspects of "green" politics. The former discussion included interviews with representatives of the Alliance and Progressive Greens, and they were also represented on the Checkpoint item which, in addition, included a spokesperson from the Labour Party. Not upheld (balance).

Barr and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1998-016

National Radio's Focus on Politics. Programme reported on the Ngai Tahu settlement with the Crown and included interviews with several people, representing different viewpoints. Not upheld (action taken sufficient).

Simpson and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1998-003

Morning Report. Trailer for an item dealing with the illegal importation of the rabbit calici virus stated that comment would be heard on the subject from the Opposition; that comment included speakers for Labour and ACT New Zealand, but no other party. Not upheld (balance).

The Alliance and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1997-190

The Week in Parliament. The programme carried actuality of the Treasurer's (Hon Winston Peters) attack on the Alliance, and included the response from Labour MP Michael Cullen. The Alliance, it was reported, had joined in the attack. Not upheld (balance).

Palmerston North City Council and The Radio Network of New Zealand Ltd - 1997-096, 1997-097, 1997-098

Classic Hits ZA-FM. Palmerston North City Council's decision to remove some trees was a matter of considerable public interest and local station, Classic Hits ZA-FM, broadcast from the site between 6.00am–6.00pm on 6 January 1997. Other trees were cut down on the 8 January and Classic Hits covered this by way of news bulletins Complaint that the broadcast on 6 January was unbalanced. Upheld (complaint referring to broadcaster's failure to keep a logging tape for thirty-five days). Not upheld (all other aspects of the complaints). No order.

The Rowan Partnership and The Radio Network of New Zealand Ltd - 1997-099

Newstalk ZB talkback. Subject was the criticism by some Maori of English group the Spice Girls using the haka. Host's comments. Not upheld (balance, accuracy, fairness, discrimination and denigration).

Dunlop and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1997-073

National Radio news item. News item on the 6 people shot dead at Raurimu included comments from a known gun control lobbyist, calling for tighter controls on guns. Complaint that item was unbalanced. Not upheld (balance).

Power for our Future and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1997-046

In Touch with New Zealand. Item dealt with the economical use of electricity and the new wholesale electricity pricing system, and included interviews with the chief executive and an employee of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. Not upheld (balance): action taken sufficient.

MacCallum and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1997-042

Mana News. Comment made by Claims Manager for an iwi, in the context of an item on the settlement of Treaty of Waitangi grievances. Not upheld (good taste and decency, law and order, balance, accuracy).

Dunlop and More FM Auckland - 1996-153

More FM news bulletin. Item about firearms included comment from a spokesperson from Gunsafe but nothing from a representative of the Sporting Shooters Association. Declined to determine (balance): no tape or transcript of the item complained about.

Dunlop and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1996-143

Top o' the Morning: "Brian's Week". The presenter discussed gun ownership, questioning the practice of allowing people to own a device which, he said, was "intended to maim and kill". Not upheld (balance, discrimination and denigration),

Golden and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1996-144

In Touch with New Zealand. Discussion on the imminent coming into force of the Domestic Violence Act 1996 between a representative from each of the Law Society, Women's Refuge, and the Department of Courts. Not upheld (balance, discrimination and denigration).

Turner and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1996-141

Banksie on Sunday. Comments by host about the television talent quest programme Showcase. Not upheld (fairness).

Norman and New Zealand Public Radio Ltd - 1996-102

Nine to Noon. Interview of leader of New Zealand First focused on the Party's immigration policy which was a matter of considerable public interest at the time. Not upheld (accuracy, fairness). Not applicable (good taste and decency, law and order, balance, discrimination and denigration, responsible programming).

Stemson and New Zealand Public Radio Ltd - 1996-105

Nine to Noon. Interview of author of a book about the male culture in New Zealand. Comment misconstrued. Declined to determine (good taste and decency, law and order, balance, responsible programming).

Hon Murray McCully and New Zealand Public Radio Ltd - 1996-088

Morning Report. Item on the current state housing rental policies and the possible introduction of a private Member’s bill by the Opposition spokesperson on housing. Upheld (balance). Not upheld (fairness).

Sawyer and Radio Pacific Ltd- 1996-076

Banksie on Sunday. Topic of abortion. Host described doctors who carried out abortions as baby murderers, and claimed that the aborted foetuses were put into the hospital waste disposal systems or in "Kleensaks". Upheld (denigration and discrimination). Not upheld (accuracy, fairness, balance, law and order). Order (broadcast of apology).

Moonen and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1996-062

Newstalk ZB talkback. Host's description of complainant. Not upheld (balance, accuracy, discrimination and denigration).

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