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Depiction of rainbow community not offensive or ‘illegal’, BSA finds

The BSA has not upheld a complaint that an episode of after-school TV show The Feed discussing issues faced by rainbow communities breached multiple standards.

BSA Releases 4 Decisions

The Authority has released four decisions. They can be found here.

BSA Releases 8 Decisions

The BSA has not upheld a complaint a 1 News report showing footage relating to a homicide breached standards guarding against offensive and disturbing content and promotion of illegal or…

BSA Releases 8 Decisions

The Authority has not upheld a complaint that the action taken by Warner Bros Discovery in response to a breach of the accuracy and fairness standards – during a Newshub…

BSA Releases 6 Decisions

The Authority has declined to determine a complaint alleging a Newshub item was inaccurate and unbalanced for including a statement linking the Auckland Anniversary floods to climate change.

Incorrectly classified wildlife programme exposed children to potential harm

A scene in a ‘G’-rated wildlife documentary, in which a female dolphin was pursued, trapped and mated with by a group of male dolphins, exposed children watching to potential harm,…

BSA Releases 2 Decisions

The Authority has upheld a viewer’s complaint that an episode of Our Big Blue Backyard broadcast on TVNZ 1 at 7.

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