Research Ngā Rangahau

Research for 2014
Meaning of 'Election Programme' in Broadcasting Act 2014

Download PDF: Russell McVeagh opinion dated 16 April 2014 PDF183. 21 KB John Burrows opinion dated 12 May 2014 PDF125.

Review of Privacy Decisions 2014

Anonymity, authorisation, and legitimate attention – three lines of defence in privacy lawA review of a selection of Broadcasting Standards Authority privacy decisions Download PDF: Anonymity, authorisation, and legitimate attention PDF771.…

Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2014

Download PDF: Broadcasters Satisfaction Survey 2014 PDF1.

Litmus Testing 2013/2014

Download PDF: Litmus Testing 2013/2014 PDF985.

Acceptability of Words, 2013

Acceptability of Words, 2013 appears under its full title: What Not to Swear: The Acceptability of Words in Broadcasting, 2013, along with a single page ranking of the offensive words.