Research for 2014
Meaning of 'Election Programme' in Broadcasting Act 2014

Download PDF: Russell McVeagh opinion dated 16 April 2014 PDF183. 21 KB John Burrows opinion dated 12 May 2014 PDF125.

Annual Report 2014

The Annual Report 2014 outlines the Authority's key achievements over the past year and details progress against long term outcomes and objectives.

Review of Privacy Decisions 2014

Anonymity, authorisation, and legitimate attention – three lines of defence in privacy lawA review of a selection of Broadcasting Standards Authority privacy decisions Download PDF: Anonymity, authorisation, and legitimate attention PDF771.…

Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2014

Download PDF: Broadcasters Satisfaction Survey 2014 PDF1.

BSA Statement of Intent 2014-18

This Statement of Intent (SOI) sets out what the Broadcasting Standards Authority | Te Mana Whanonga Kaipāho (BSA) intends to achieve or contribute to over the next four years and…

Litmus Testing 2013/2014

Download PDF: Litmus Testing 2013/2014 PDF985.

Acceptability of Words, 2013

Acceptability of Words, 2013 appears under its full title: What Not to Swear: The Acceptability of Words in Broadcasting, 2013, along with a single page ranking of the offensive words.