Research for 2021
Annual Report 2021

The Annual Report 2021 outlines the Authority's key achievements over the past year and details progress against long term outcomes and objectives.

Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2021

Each year, the BSA surveys broadcasters to understand their satisfaction with our processes, services and working relationships. We use the results to help identify any areas for improvement.

Public Awareness Survey 2021

Every two years the BSA commissions a survey measuring the percentage of New Zealanders are aware of the BSA and aware that they can make a formal complaint.
This report analyses the results of the 2021 survey.

Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2021

The complainants satisfaction survey asks people who have had a complaint determined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 about their satisfaction with the BSA’s services.

External Review of Decisions 2021 - Balance Standard

The BSA invited Prof Burrows to undertake an independent review of five decisions issued by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) under the balance standard.

Litmus Testing, 2021

This year’s Litmus Testing research reports on public attitudes towards discrimination and denigration on TV and radio and views on recent BSA decisions on complaints relating to this standard. 

Statement of Performance Expectations 2022

This Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) is presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with the Crown Entities Act 2004.