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Attitudes and Perceptions of Television Violence, 1994


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Date published
:  January 1994

Researcher/Author:  Graeme Bassett and Roy Shuker


  • Investigates differences in the perception of television violence by different social groups


  • 13 videotaped excerpts
  • 85 respondents belonging to six social groups


  • Age is the most significant factor influencing differences in judgments of television violence
  • Gender is also an important variable responsible for differences in perceptions
  • No clear patterns of difference emerged in perceptions of television violence based on socio-economic level
  • Respondents over 40 years of age holds beliefs and attitudes about television violence substantially different from those under 40 years of age
  • Older age group hold these beliefs and attitudes more strongly than the younger age group
  • Little difference in attitudes towards aspect of violence in general
  • Differences in attitudes and beliefs operate as important factors determining how different age groups judge television violence