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Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2009


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Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2009 PDF (479.47 KB)

Date published: December 2009

Research Company: Nielsen Corporation


  • To gain an understanding of broadcasters' perceptions and experiences of the formal complaints process
  • Helps build a complete picture of how effectively the complaints process contributes to the BSA's core goal of ensuring that decisions are, and are seen to be, principled, firm, just and relevant by the complainant, broadcasters, and the wider community
  • Comparisons with Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2006 where appropriate


  • Online survey
  • 9 of 11 completed, including all major broadcaster


  • BSA's performance in managing the current complaints process is viewed positively
  • Strength is the responsiveness of the BSA in managing complaints
  • Overall time process takes remains an issue for some broadcasters, but most recognise the BSA’s efforts to provide a more efficient service
  • Strength is the satisfaction with BSA staff dealt with through the complaints process, however the strength of satisfaction has weakened since 2006
  • Information provided by, and received from, the BSA in relation to the complaints process is well regarded
  • Personalised forms of communication (e.g. written correspondence and phone/face-to-face contact) are considered the most effective information sources for most broadcasters
  • Weaker areas of performance can be addressed at an individual level
  • Some concerns raised by anonymous broadcasters:
    • Open-ended nature of the information exchange process which is time-consuming
    • Need for better distinction between complaints considered formal as opposed to informal