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Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2013

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Date published: April 2013

Research Company: Nielsen Corporation


The overall objective of this research is to determine the level of satisfaction broadcasters have with the complaints process. In particular, how they rate the performance of the BSA in relation to the information available including the website, personal contact with the BSA staff, the management of the complaints process, our written decisions, and overall perceived fairness of decisions.


  • Online survey
  • All broadcasters that were the subject of a complaint to the BSA were given the opportunity to complete the survey –  9 out of 11 did so.


On the basis of this research, the current system is working well for broadcasters and indications are that broadcasters are more satisfied with their dealings with the BSA than they were in the last survey in 2009.

  • Broadcasters perceive the relationship they have with the BSA as a positive one and are happy with the complaints process overall
  • Sufficient information is being received and is effective in helping broadcasters understand the formal complaints process
  • Personal contact with BSA staff is rated particularly positively and indication are that BSA staff are viewed even more positively than in 2009
  • Written decisions are also viewed positively
  • While broadcasters are generally happy with the process in terms of information exchange, there remains an issue around timeliness for some, particularly management of the overall time the complaints process takes.