Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2018

Each year, we survey broadcasters to find out their level of satisfaction with working relationships with the BSA, and the quality of the BSA’s processes and services, so we can identify any areas for improvement.

Previously, we surveyed only those broadcasters who had a complaint determined by the BSA in the last 12 months. This year, we invited all 120 broadcasters known to the BSA to complete the survey. 63 broadcasters completed the survey.

We asked broadcasters how satisfied they are with: BSA information sources; the BSA website; personal contact with BSA staff; the management of the formal complaints process; the BSA’s written decisions; perceived fairness of the decisions; and value of BSA research.

Satisfaction with the areas tested was positive overall:

  • 80% of broadcasters rated their working relationship with the BSA as good or very good.
  • An average of 87% rated aspects of their personal contact with the BSA as good or very good.
  • An average of 82-95% rated the usefulness of BSA information and resources highly.

While broadcasters are generally satisfied with the BSA’s processes and services, the BSA’s areas of focus for making improvements, emerging from the survey feedback, are:

  • increased engagement with new, smaller or less experienced broadcasters
  • the use of simple, plain English language in BSA information and guidance materials
  • further publicising the value of BSA research and the key take outs for broadcasters
  • improvements to the BSA website.