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Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2019

Full Report:  Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2019 [PDF]


Each year, we survey broadcasters to find out their level of satisfaction with our processes, services and working relationships. This enables us to identify any areas for improvement.

We invited all 121 broadcasters known to the BSA to complete the survey. 59 broadcasters completed it (a 49% response rate).

As in previous years, we asked broadcasters how satisfied they were with: BSA information sources; the BSA website; personal contact with BSA staff; the management of the formal complaints process; the BSA’s written decisions (including the perceived fairness of the decisions); and the value of BSA research. This year we also extended the survey to enquire regarding broadcasters’ experience with the levy process.

Results included:

  • All broadcasters who reported having a complaint determined by the BSA in the last 12 months rated the complaints process as good or very good.
  • The BSA’s written decisions continue to be rated positively.
  • Over 90% of broadcasters rate the general information provided by the BSA regarding the complaints process and obligations under the Broadcasting Act 1989 as good or very good.
  • All sources of information made available by the BSA were considered helpful to broadcasters (and there were small increases in the number of broadcasters that gave very good ratings to BSA letters, BSA Pānui, the Codebook and the website).
  • All broadcasters aware of BSA research perceived at least one piece to be of value (and 83% considered the 2018 Language that May Offend in Broadcasting research to be valuable or very valuable).
  • The information provided to broadcasters as part of the BSA Levy System is generally perceived positively (with 20% finding the information and guidance to be better compared with 12 months ago).
  • 83% of broadcasters rated their relationship with the BSA as good or very good.
  • Broadcasters remain satisfied with their interactions with BSA staff (with all aspects of contact with BSA staff being rated good or very good by over 80% of respondents).

While broadcasters are generally satisfied with the BSA’s processes and services, the BSA’s areas of focus for making improvements, emerging from the survey feedback, are:

  • Enhancing communication with broadcasters regarding complaint handling progress, timelines and procedural requirements
  • The use of simple, plain English language in BSA decisions and correspondence
  • Supporting broadcasters to understand and comply with legislative requirements associated with the levy process
  • Enhancing our broadcaster training and workshop offerings to better reach broadcasters and address their key areas of interest
  • Increasing engagement with broadcasters who broadcast to and/or operate in different languages/cultures (eg through education programmes, release of more translations of key resources and media releases, and/or provision of guidance for broadcasting in different languages).