Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2023

Full Report: Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2023 [PDF]

Each year, we survey broadcasters to understand how satisfied they are with our processes, services and working relationships. We use the results to help identify any areas for improvement.

This year we invited all broadcasters known to the BSA to take part. Twenty-eight completed the survey, representing a response rate of 24%.

We asked broadcasters how satisfied they were with our processes, services and working relationships, our website, and the relevance of the Broadcasting Code.

2023 results include:

  • Overall outcomes this year remain positive, albeit there are reductions from previous years.
  • 57% of respondents consider the new Broadcasting Code is better than previous codes; only 4% consider it worse.
  • Three of the five broadcasters who reported having a complaint determined by BSA in the last 12 months rated the process as ‘good’ or ‘the same’ as last year. One rated it ‘better’.
  • 78% rate their working relationships with the BSA as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, comparable to last year’s 80%.
  • At least 80% of broadcasters rate general information provided by the BSA on the complaints process and broadcaster obligations as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.
  • Awareness of BSA research is consistent with last year, with an increase of broadcasters who have read the particular research. Our offensive language research is the most read, with 61% saying they have read it.
  • 84% are satisfied with the BSA website, similar to last year. Nearly seven in 10 have visited the site in the past year.
  • The reduced response rate this year (24% compared to 37% in 2022) means results have a maximum margin of error of 16%.

While the results reflect broad satisfaction with how we work and the services we provide, we will consider feedback on areas for improvement with a focus on:

  • increased communication around decision timetabling
  • ongoing consultation with broadcasters regarding research programme topics
  • opportunities for further broadcaster training sessions
  • continuing to encourage broadcasters to raise any concerns with us as they arise, and committing to resolving these quickly.