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Classifications and Standards in Children's Television Programmes, 1990


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Date published
:  October 1990

Researcher/Author:  Jan Hardie


  • Explores the need for a P classification for pre-schoolers, C for primary children and YA for young adults
  • Examines whether 8:30pm “watershed” still appropriate


  • Literature review from Australia, the United States, Japan and Britain
  • Consultation with the Children’s Media Watch and The Children’s Television Foundation


  • No strong demand for a specific preschool label for programmes designed for children under five years of age
  • Real concern arises with 5–12 years old children
  • No strong support for a YA (young adult) classification
  • “Watershed” time is  usually 8:30pm or 9:00pm after which programmes shown are deemed designed for adults rather than for children or family audiences
  • Uncertainty about the “watershed” time and many did not know what time it actually is
  • Responsibility for what children watch on television shared between parents, caregivers, teachers and the broadcasters
  • The concept of C classification be discussed with broadcasters and criteria for such classification be developed