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Community Attitudes to Adult Material on Pay Television, 1997


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Date published
:  October 1997

Researchers/Authors:  Phillipa Ballard, Linda Sheldon and Garry Dickinson


  • Examines community attitudes to adult entertainment on television, to pay television and to the access by children and young people to adult material on television


  • Qualitative research using focus groups
  • Nationwide public opinion survey – 1000 respondents aged over 18 years  


  • 67% believes R18 material should be available on pay television; and men (78%) and people aged 18–29 (83%) are more likely to agree
  • More people agree (46%) than disagree (40%) with the proposition that the rules for free-to-air and pay television should be the same
  • 58% of respondents would allow violent scenes if important in the story or 49% if shown late at night
  • 58% would allow sexual intercourse scenes if important in the story or 45% if late at night
  • Scenes which cause most concern in R18 movies are sexual violence, serial killing and bondage
  • 91% thinks R18 material has a bad effect on children
  • 73% thinks R18 material causes violence in society
  • 85% of parents say they have rules about what their children can watch
  • 73% of the respondents say they would use the R18 control card to block access to adult material
  • 79% say they would use a keypad to control access to selected programmes