Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2016-18

The complainants’ satisfaction survey asks complainants who have had a complaint determined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) in 2016-2018 about their level of satisfaction with the BSA’s services. The feedback is used to help BSA make improvements to its operations.

The key findings from the 2016-2018 survey include:

  • A total of 91 complainants completed the survey in 2016-18.
  • Of the 91 respondents, 15% had their complaint upheld (15%, cf. 27% in 2015/16) and 85% were not upheld.
  • 71% of complainants whose complaint was upheld and 32% of those whose complaint was not upheld agreed the complaints process was handled well.
  • 91% of complainants agreed that BSA staff made them feel like they were being listened to and 80% were satisfied with the timeliness of BSA correspondence.
  • 51% of complainants agreed the time taken to reach a decision was reasonable (cf 27% in 2015/16).

In light of the survey results the BSA’s areas of focus are on:

  • Greater clarity in BSA decisions; clearer articulation of the standards being assessed and how they are applied, and the BSA’s reasoning – including explaining where BSA’s powers are limited
  • Increased contact between BSA staff and complainants, particularly in the early stages of accepting a complaint
  • Making complainants feel heard, and that their concerns have been duly considered and addressed, particularly in the BSA’s written decisions.