Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2021

Executive Summary: Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2021 [PDF]

The complainants satisfaction survey asks people who have had a complaint determined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 about their satisfaction with the BSA’s services. We use the feedback to help us improve BSA operations.

Key information from the 2021 survey includes:

  • 76 complainants completed the survey. Nearly four out of five of these were first time complainants.
  • 18% of complaints made by respondents were upheld.
  • Satisfaction levels averaged over 80% across the following aspects of people’s dealings with BSA:
    • written correspondence (76%)
    • telephone contact (81%)
    • staff professionalism (84.5%
  • 37% of complainants agreed or strongly agreed that the BSA handled their part of the complaints process well. This result partially reflects delays associated with a big uplift in complaint numbers.
  • Over 90% are aware of, or have used, a BSA resource (eg website, code of broadcasting practice, guidance sheet). The website was the most used.
  • Satisfaction with the website sits at 66%, compared with 71% last year and 55% in 2018/19. Some 69% of those who had used the new website see it as a valuable resource.

In light of the survey results, we will focus on these improvements:

  • Continuing to maintain and update the website while  keeping language simple.
  • Regularly updating people on progress with their complaints (a falling backlog will help us reduce delays).
  • Building further on high satisfaction over interactions by ensuring people feel listened to and get the answers they need about the formal process.