Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2022

Executive Summary: Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2022 [PDF]

This survey asks people who have had a complaint decided by the BSA between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022 how satisfied they are with the BSA’s services. We use the feedback to help us improve how we work.

Key information from the 2022 survey includes:

  • 69 complainants completed the survey. Nearly four out of five of these were first-time complainants, similar to last year.
  • Nine percent of complaints made by respondents were upheld, compared with 18% last year.
  • Satisfaction levels averaged over 84% across the following aspects of people’s dealings with the BSA:
    • written correspondence (81%)
    • telephone contact (86%)
    • staff professionalism (87%)
  • 33% of complainants agreed or strongly agreed the BSA handled their part of the complaints process well. Results were significantly better among complainants whose decision was upheld (67% compared with 32%). Timeliness/communication amid an ongoing spike in complaint numbers appears to have played a part in this result.
  • Almost all (over 95%) are aware of, or have used, a BSA resource (eg website, Code of Broadcasting Practice, guidance sheet). The website (87%) was the most used.
  • Nine in 10 complainants have visited the BSA website since it was refreshed in 2019. Three quarters (75%) of those who have used it see it as a valuable resource. Overall satisfaction with the site sits at 74%, compared with 66% last year.

While the survey was generally positive, we will focus on the following in light of feedback on areas for improvement:

  • Continuing to maintain quality, up-to-date web content and simplifying language.
  • Using recent backlog reduction and increased staffing to improve the timeliness of complaints resolution, ensuring we regularly update complainants.
  • Renewing our focus on making sure our complaints service is accessible to New Zealand’s diverse communities.