Research Ngā Rangahau

Litmus Testing, 2020

This year’s Litmus Testing research reports on what the public thinks about some of the BSA’s recent decisions on programmes dealing with violence and the acceptability of violence in content generally.  The decisions considered complaints about Starboy (music video), DailyMail TV, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts): One Championship Weekly and Checkpoint.

The majority of research participants agreed with the BSA’s decisions for all four programmes, with an average of 85% of participants rating the BSA’s decisions as very good, good or acceptable. Participants also provided useful feedback about their attitudes to different genres of violence in broadcast media general.

You can read the research findings here:

Key Findings:  Litmus Testing 2020 – Public attitudes towards violence [PDF]
Full Report:  Litmus Testing 2020 – Public attitudes towards violence [PDF]