Litmus Testing 2022

26 JULY 2022

This year’s Litmus Testing research reports on public attitudes towards accuracy on TV and radio and views on recent BSA decisions on complaints relating to the accuracy standard. 

The decisions that were tested relate to complaints involving:

  • comments on COVID-19 ‘almost certainly’ in the community (Kerre McIvor Mornings)
  • a segment on COVID deaths in Italy (Mike Hosking Breakfast)
  • maps labelling Jordanian land as Israel (The Project)
  • false claims around COVID and other issues (APNA TV)
  • remarks the COVID vaccine was given the same Medsafe approval as Panadol and Nurofen (AM Show).

For all five items, the majority of research participants agreed with the BSA’s decisions, with an average of 83% rating them as very good, good or acceptable.

Participants also provided useful general comments about their views towards accuracy in broadcasting, with results suggesting a broad consensus across demographics about the application of the accuracy standard.

The research findings will be assessed along with the outcomes of this year’s external review of decisions under the accuracy standard and used to inform future decisions under this standard.

You can read the full findings and a media release highlighting key outtakes here:

Full Report:  Litmus Testing 2022 – Public attitudes towards accuracy on TV and radio

Media Release: BSA research highlights public concerns over spread of misinformation