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Power and Responsibility: Broadcasters Striking a Balance, 1994


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Date published
:  September 1994

Researcher/Author:  Phillipa Ballard


  • Record of the papers presented during the seminar on balance, fairness and accuracy in May 1994


  • Issues of balance, fairness and accuracy in news and current affairs have always been topical and many people from different perspectives have expressed dissatisfaction with broadcasters’ compliance with the requirements in the Codes of Broadcasting Practice
  • Opportunity for broadcasters, researchers, academics and others interested in media issues to challenge and debate existing concepts and propose new approaches to clarify matters of interpretation and compliance with the codes of practice
  • Keynote addresses given on the principles of responsible broadcasting like independence, objectivity and fair play; freedom of the press which is the first imperative of a democratic society; lies, damned lies and statistics – guide to unfair journalism
  • Workshop presentations on structures of television news; privacy from a legal perspective; providing balanced news and current affairs; the gender factor in the news: accuracy, objectivity and impartiality; contemporary issues in radio news; regulations, complaints and corrections policies; the public face of privacy; the ups and downs of Māori Radio; TVNZ News: populist news-values and popular representation