Public Awareness Survey 2021

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Date published: July 2021

Research Company: UMR Research Ltd



Every two years the BSA commissions a survey measuring the percentage of New Zealanders:

  • aware of the BSA
  • aware that they can make a formal complaint

This report analyses the results of the 2021 survey.

Consistent with 2017 and 2019, we also included questions to measure public awareness of tools available to block content (filtering technology), enabling assessment of any trends in the uptake of such tools.


Seventy-five percent of those surveyed are aware of the BSA, though Pasifika and Asian participants are significantly less likely to be aware of the BSA compared with Māori and NZ European.

Most of those who are aware of the BSA have a general understanding of the BSA’s role.

Ninety-three percent of New Zealanders either know for sure they can take a course of action to make a formal complaint or assume they can do so.

Unprompted, less than half of New Zealanders (41%) are aware of the availability of filtering technology.

While awareness of filtering technology applicable to specific platforms has generally fallen, it has risen in relation to free-to-air television (up 7% from 2019) and subscription video.

Generally, younger respondents, Māori respondents, and respondents with dependent children and in paid work, are more likely to be aware of filtering technology across the various platforms. Older respondents, those without dependent children and those not working or earning less than $50,000 are less likely to be aware.

The Authority will use these findings to inform its ongoing education and engagement work to ensure all communities are aware of the BSA, can access the BSA complaints system, and know how to use filtering technology if they choose to.