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External review of decisions 2019 - Discrimination and denigration standard

Download PDF Date published: July 2019 Reviewer: Sylvia Bell, Research Fellow and Human Rights Law specialist Scope The BSA invited Sylvia Bell, Human Rights Law specialist, to undertake an independent review of five decisions issued…

Resource For Broadcasters After 15 March Attacks

We recognise the issues and challenges facing broadcasters with respect to reporting on the 15 March attacks, the pending trial and associated matters.

Parental Guidance Survey (TVNZ - BSA - Green Room)

  Read the full research report here.    

Understanding timebands within vulnerable communities

  Read the full report here.    

Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2016-18

Executive Summary: Complainants Satisfaction Survey 2016-18 [PDF] The complainants’ satisfaction survey asks complainants who have had a complaint determined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) in 2016-2018 about their level of…

Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2018

Full Report: Broadcaster Satisfaction Survey 2018 [PDF] Each year, we survey broadcasters to find out their level of satisfaction with working relationships with the BSA, and the quality of the BSA’s…

Language That May Offend in Broadcasting

Warning: This research contains language that some readers may find offensive From time to time, the BSA surveys the public to understand which words or expressions are considered most offensive in…

Litmus Testing 2018

This year’s Litmus Testing research reports on what the public thinks about some of the BSA’s recent decisions on the Fairness Standard.

External Review Of Decisions 2018 - Election Programmes

Download PDFDate published: 17 July 2020 Reviewer: Professor Ursula Cheer

Use of Social Media Content in Broadcasting: Public and Broadcaster Perspectives

Download the full Research Report: Use of Social Media Content in Broadcasting: Public and Broadcaster Perspectives  Date published: July 2017 Researchers: Katrine Evans, Hayman Lawyers Dr Kathleen Kuehn, Victoria University of Wellington Colmar Brunton Overview New Zealanders’ attitudes to…

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