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Watkins and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2001-138–204

The Rock. 67 complaints about offensive language. Upheld (good taste and decency, denigration and discrimination, effect on children: various). Declined to determine (various). Not upheld (various)

Browne and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2001-089

Big Brother. Programmes containing material with adult themes were broadcast at 6.30pm. Upheld (good taste and decency, programme classification, children's interests). No order (but recommendation for a written apology).

Watkins and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2001-071–084

The Rock. 14 complaints about offensive language. Upheld (good taste and decency, denigration and discrimination, effect on children, action taken insufficient: various). Not upheld (law and order and various others). Declined to determine (various). Orders ($8250 total costs to Crown).

Watkins and The RadioWorks Ltd - 2000-182–191

The Rock. Number of complaints about offensive language, offensive behaviour, broadcasts inconsistent with maintenance of law and order, denigration of and discrimination against women, and unsuitable for children. Upheld: various (good taste and decency, suitability for children). Not upheld: various. Order ($5,000 costs to Crown).

Hon Richard Prebble MP and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2000-167

One News, Breakfast, Midday. News report on a debate in Parliament about the Dover Samuels affair contained footage of the Prime Minister shaking her head as if denying the allegations made by the Leader of the Opposition. But Prime Minister was not in Parliament at the time the allegations were made. Archival footage but not identified as such. Action taken insufficient (accuracy, responsible programming; private apology insufficient). Order (broadcast of statement).

Diocese of Dunedin and 12 Others and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1999-125–1999-137

20/20: "Sex, Lies and Videotape". Item concerned matters surrounding the dismissal of the Director of Music at Dunedin Cathedral. Upheld (accuracy, fairness, balance, responsible programming, and privacy). Orders (broadcast approved statement; refrain from broadcasting advertising programmes between 6pm and 8.30pm on one day; $5,000 each to Canon Somers-Edgar and Mr Rothel for breaches of privacy; costs of $45,000 to the Diocese and Dean, of $17,500 to Canon Somers-Edgar, and $12,500 to Mr Rothel; costs to the Crown of $5,000 re their complaints, a total of $15,000).

Raffray and TV4 Network Ltd - 1999-090

Jo Brand promo. Promo included a "stand-up" comedy routine in which allegedly offensive language was used. Complaint that the language used resulted in the broadcast of AO content during a PGR time-slot, without any warning, and during a programme which appealed to younger viewers. Upheld (good taste and decency, responsible programming). Not relevant (violence). Order ($250 costs to the Crown).

Calver and The Radio Network Ltd - 1999-065

9inety6ixdot1: song by group Nine Inch Nails, "Closer ". Offensive language. Upheld (good taste and decency, children's interests). Order ($500 costs to Crown).

Davies and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1999-026

Dharma and Greg. References to sexual activity. Upheld: majority (responsible programming, children's interests). Subsumed (good taste and decency). No order.

New Zealand Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal Inc and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1998-060

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. Programme purported to show, in documentary fashion, the abduction by extraterrestrial aliens of an American family, recorded on a home video. Upheld (deceptive programme practice). No order.

Road Transport Forum New Zealand and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1997-114

3 National News. Item on truck tailgating included footage of a large truck following closely behind the reporter's car on a busy stretch of motorway. Complaint that the incident filmed had been fabricated by the reporter, who deliberately slowed down in front of the truck to make it appear it was tailgating. Upheld (balance, fairness, responsible programming). Orders (broadcast of summary of decision and $500 costs to Crown).

Coles and Radio Pacific Ltd - 1997-083

Radio Pacific talkback. Extracts from the diary of a woman who had been in a Bosnian rape death camp were read out by the journalist who held the diary. The extracts were broadcast between 10:30 and 11:00am. Upheld (programme containing material sensitive to children). No order.

Holding and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1996-181

Sex/Life promo. AO classified promo broadcast during the screening of the G rated film Sister Act II which began at 8.30pm. Upheld (responsible programming). No order.

Sawyers, Hughes and Walker, and Segedin and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1996-155, 1996-156, 1996-157

Assignment: "Sexual Healing?" Programme examined the philosophy of former homosexual Noel Mosen, an outspoken and controversial believer in the ability of gay people to change their sexual orientation, and founder of a religious community. Upheld (balance, responsible programming). Not upheld (accuracy, fairness, discrimination and denigration). No order.

Children's Media Watch and Sparks and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1996-135, 1996-136

City Life. First episode of a new, locally produced programme screened at 7.30pm. Complaints that the programme was inappropriately classified as PGR and had been screened too early in the evening, with reference to specific scenes and some dialogue. Upheld (responsible programming). Not upheld (good taste and decency, children's interests). No order.

Drury and Daisley and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1996-130, 1996-131, 1996-132

20/20: "A Mother's Journey". Allegations of professional incompetence, and past sexual misconduct, were made against a psychologist in a programme investigating the events surrounding the suicide of a 16 year old boy. The programme showed extracts from an interview with the psychologist that had been filmed with a hidden camera. The Authority upheld the complaint that the psychologist's privacy had been breached and that aspects of the programme had breached the standards relating to fairness, balance, deceptive programme practice, and distortion. Order ($1500 compensation to the psychologist and broadcast of a brief summary of the decision).

Frewen and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1996-089

One Network News and Holmes. Items reported speculation about the future of free-to-air television coverage of rugby while rugby rights were being negotiatied by New Zealand networks. The reports also referred to legislation in Britain and Australia which ensured sports coverage remained on free-to-air television. Upheld (accuracy). Not upheld (responsible programming). No order.

H and Radio Liberty Network - 1996-040

Radio Liberty midnight to 6.00am talkback show. Complainant telephoned the station and expressed his agreement with a sponsor's action in withdrawing its sponsorship following complaints they'd received about the show. The host said on air that the station had the technology to trace the complainant's call and made abusive and menacing comments towards the complainant. Upheld (fairness, responsible programming): action taken insufficient. No order.

Minister of Health (Hon Jenny Shipley) and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1996-025

One Network News. Item about a just released psychiatric patient who gave birth to a baby on a Porirua street very early in the morning. Complaint from the Minister that the item was inaccurate as the woman was not "just released" but had discharged herself from hospital some five weeks before the birth. Further, the birth had happened some two weeks before the news item. Upheld (accuracy, responsible programming). Not upheld (G13 discrimination and denigration and G19 fairness). No order.

Langford and Gruijters and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1995-088, 1995-089

Work of Art: "Forever". Performance of a modern dance titled "Forever". Claim that it was pornographic, containing 'blatant sexual overtones and offensive language'. Upheld (good taste and decency): language. Not upheld (responsible programming). No order.

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