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Litmus Testing of BSA Decisions 2009


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Date published
: May 2009

Research Company: Mobius Research and Strategy Ltd


The purpose of this research was to:

  • Identify the decision that would have been made by the viewing public with respect to a selection of recent complaints
  • Understand the rationale behind that decision
  • Identify whether the public’s decision matched that of the Board – and if not, why not, and
  • Explore reactions to actual Board decisions.


There were eight participants in two groups and a range of life-stages were represented (single people, couples no children, one and two parent families). Participants resided in a range of geographical locations across the Auckland region.

Group One         A mix of men and women (50/50), aged between 25 and 35 years, of mixed      
                         ethnicity: Pacific (2), Asian (2), NZ European / Pakeha (4)                 

Group Two         A mix of men and women (50/50), aged between 25 and 35 years, Maori

Each group was two hours in duration. 

  • Participants were shown video clips of four (Group One) and five (Group Two) items against which complaints had been made. No information, other than the fact that a complaint had been made, was provided prior to the each clip being shown.
  • After viewing each clip participants were provided with information regarding the relevant standard(s) and separated into three smaller groups.
  • Each smaller group was asked to consider the content of the clip and the relevant standard(s) and to make a decision about whether to uphold or not uphold the complaint.
  • After discussion around these decisions, the actual Board decision was identified – with reasons provided and participants were asked for further comment.