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Sophie Lee's Sex, 1993


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Date published
:  March 1993

Researcher/Author:  Chris Watson


  • Analyses public attitudes towards one episode of the programme ‘Sex’ introduced by Sophie Lee
  • Obtains overall evaluation of the ‘value’ of the programme and reactions to the suitability of the time-slot in which it was broadcast


  • 10 ‘focus groups’ who watched the final edition of the first series of the first Australian sex education television programme ‘Sex’


  • The various focus groups appeared to accept this programme as useful and valid television
  • They were prepared to accept more of the same and even some imagery that went further than that which they had been shown so long as the educational and medical rationale was paramount
  • The evangelically religious people which essentially comprised those in the Christian Church people focus group, and to a lesser extent, those in the ‘Pacific Islands’ group, all of whom attended church regularly, were uncomfortable, and critical of the programme and most of those groups would not be sorry if no more of those type of show were broadcast