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Television Sex, 1992


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Date published
:  July 1992

Researcher/Author:  Chris Watson and Robert Lambourne


  • Analysis of the portrayal of ‘sexual acts and images’ on three NZ broadcast television channels between 11th–17th February 1991


  • 287 sexual images, events and sequences analysed
  • TV1, TV2 and TV3 surveyed


  • Amount and portrayal of sexual activity shown on television during the week of the survey was not of a quantity or type that would cause concern
  • Placement of programmes containing sexual material generally within the guidelines provided by the BSA and requirements of television’s time periods
  • 75% of sexual materials placed in the AO time period
  • 84% of recorded items constituted ‘kissing’
  • Conclusions:
    • Placement of erotic videos in ‘PGR’ (or ‘G’) time slots should be avoided
    • Placement of advertisements and previews containing sexual imagery should be confined to ‘AO’ time periods
    • Warning should be given before programmes that contain nudity or sexual activity
    • ‘Pleasure factor’ of audience enjoyment of television should not be discounted
    • Need for content-analysis to be complemented by qualitative studies